• When the chickens come home to roost

    On July 16thwe will experience a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  A lunar eclipse occurs when theMoon passes directly behindEarthand into its shadow.   During a total lunar eclipse, Earth completely blocks direct sunlight from reaching the Moon – this eclipse however will be a partial one, visible across Europe and the Middle East, so these are the areas which will see the main effect.

    Eclipses can be warning signals showing previously unknown factors that may erupt in an unexpected way and result in dramatic and unanticipated developments well after the event.  Sometimes events at the eclipse seem innocuous but can be traced forward to more powerful changemakers.  They can be intensifying, disruptive and bring things up to the surface resulting in some kind of ‘break out’ moment.   Eclipses are like wild cards – like a Moon on steroids – carrying messages of change, particularly if they aspect planets in the natal chart.  As I said in the last Solar Eclipse article the energy of an eclipse is unstable and excitable, so it is often wise not to make important decisions until the energy has settled. Lunar eclipses may often carry more emotional energy than solar eclipses and can signify endings, so at this Full Moon see what your harvest is producing but remember the instability and excitability of the energy also.

    So just to reiterate the Full Moon is harvest time – when we can see what we have created in the full light (but remember this Moon is partially eclipsed).  When we harvest though we just reap the good bits and discard what we don’t need or what is of no use.  That is why we say the Full Moon is time to release old habits and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us, but it can also be the point we can begin to see what we are actually creating for ourselves.

    However, this Full Moon has to work in the half-light because the light of the Sun is partially blocked – she is challenged to ‘feel’ but she is not in a ‘feeling’ sign, instead she is in more judgemental Capricorn.  She has to make judgement calls based on reality, and her energy is affected by her proximity to the Pluto /South Node/Saturn conjunction.   In Capricorn she may for sure hold some strong emotional convictions, but her closeness to this big conjunction colours her with fears and defensiveness.

    Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are all in fire signs, but Mercury and Jupiter are both retrograde so their energy is slowed, as is the energy of both Pluto and Saturn.  So we have a bit of a log jam feeling – none of these planets can fully act or access their power or their vision and imagination; we may desire to act in order to make ourselves heard and seen, but we are being held back and may just react in a  passive/aggressive fashion.

    The key to the log jam is to switch on the energy of the Goddess Pallas Athena, whose ruler in this chart Venus, stands alongside the North Node and the Sun.   Pallas Athena is Goddess of wisdom, courage, just warfare, strategy and skill, as well as creative intelligence and political nous.   Pallas weaves threads together; she creates patterns where each individual thread stays strong but becomes a part of a greater synergistic weave.  In this way she describes a pattern of socialisation and civilisation where no one person has all the ideas but all considerations are heard; strength comes from the whole and strategies to peacefully settle disputes and uphold the law peacefully are worked out.   She is a civilising influence in culture which perhaps we need more of now.

    The Moon and the Moon’s ruler Saturn form the bread of a sandwich, with a very non-tasty filling of Pluto and the South Node – not quite what you look forward to in your lunch box! It’s like going back to the childhood of the old days where you got two choices – like it or lump it because there’s nothing else so jolly well be grateful for it!!!

    The South Node in Capricorn is very much about letting go of the past, its traditions and its familiarity.  We want to stay with what we know and where we feel comfortable, but with Pluto in the mix we are uneasy because we know it feels broken and rotten.   But we are an entitled society today that wants what it wants and wants it now!   The seven conflict angles of Pluto and Uranus in play from 2008 to very recently have reflected turmoil – political, social and financial.   Some has been for the good but what we actually see now is a feeling of impotence within ordinary folks vis a vis government control, big corporates and those with the money – and that is probably the main driving force for Brexit.  But as I said we are an entitled generation which in general is self-serving and seeks gratification, money and celebrity status.  This Capricorn Moon reminds us that we need a reality check and as I said earlier the key is the energy of civilised culture and a strong web of civilisation working together for a common good – the energy of self-gratification is unsustainable and is what led to the destruction of the Roman Empire in the end.

    Capricorn energy can often be seen as one of a glass half empty.  It represents structure, hard work, effort, realism, hierarchical authority and doing what one ought or should.  The Moon is far happier in the opposite sign of Cancer where she can wallow emotionally.  Saturn builds walls and defences and in this Full Moon chart sits opposite to Venus suggesting relationships, finances and pleasures that evade our grasp, particularly as Saturn with the South Node and Pluto suggests endings and breakdowns and the flushing out and bringing to the surface of what has been buried and hidden. Organisations that are broken are ending, but replacements and new inventions will rise from the ashes in their place.

    But Jupiter is in Sagittarius right now so we are very optimistic – we think we can have everything we dream for, and we can so long as we sprinkle in a bit of reality dust. La la land isn’t real and isn’t a secure place to build upon – we cannot have it all and we cannot build walls around ourselves.   We have to reach for our dreams without trampling on the dreams of others and we have to ensure we are not deluding ourselves or deluding others. This Moon needs realism, structure, and firm foundations.

    We are on the edge of two big new cycles – Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter/Saturn.   We are in a period of endings before the beginnings, but this is all going to play out against the backdrop of the turmoil, rebellion and disruption which occurred during the seven Pluto/Uranus squares (2008-2018).  So briefly what might be on the horizon?

    First a bit of context in terms of planetary cycles.    In 1931 Saturn was opposite Pluto, with Pluto in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn – this was the dire financial period of of the Great Depression which had begun in 1929.   In 1939 Saturn in Aries was at right angles to Pluto in Cancer – the start of World War 2. In 1947 Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Leo – this period saw the start of the Cold War, the start of the IMF, Independent State of Israel, independence of India and Pakistan, the invention of transistors, the Roswell extra terrestrial/UFO incident and the imminent birth of the NHS.   1982 saw another Saturn Pluto conjunction as well as the single entry of Jupiter and Saturn meeting in the new element of Air, which always occurs some years before the start of the new Great cycle.   1982 was the beginning of the World Wide Web – we had no idea back then how much this new invention would forever change our lives.

    What we often see are links and patterns between current and past aspects – what might we see?

    • Firstly some kind of war is highly likely.Tensions are currently rising in the Middle East (highlighted by this eclipse) and with Russia and China.
    • Financial Reset is highly likely, possibly preceded by some kind of bank collapse in the vein of Lehmans – Deutsche Bank is in pretty poor shape right now. Their debt is eye watering, shares have dropped to dump level and they are syphoning off the most toxic areas of debt into a so-called ‘bad bank’.   Does that really fool you?  Or a bank such as  Italy’s Unicredit bank or even Barclays.    Anything such as this could have a domino effect on an already global debt ridden and fragile infrastructure.
    • We may see an extra terrestrial event or UFO disclosure as in 1947 and a greater focus on our presence in space – this eclipse highlights the 50thanniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, the journey which would see the first man walking on the Moon.
    • The invention of the World Wide Web in 1982 (Saturn conjunct Pluto) could not have happened without the invention of transistors in 1947 (Saturn conjunct Pluto). And without all of this we could not have the rolling out of 5G, Artificial Intelligence, driverless cars, etc etc.  Will humanity eventually merge with AI and achieve technological singularity?  Will this herald the fourth Industrial Revolution – the last great Jupiter/Saturn cycle in Earth (tangibles and possessions) also coincided with the Industrial Revolution of mass production and the rise of capitalism.
    • Our weather and climate is changing (this is very much reflected by Uranus’ entry into Taurus) – we are seeing extreme conditions of rainfall, unusual snowfall and see saw temperatures. NASA forecasts the weakest solar cycle for the last 200 years and New Scientist this last week also reported that all is not well with the North Pole – sometimes it can even reverse polarity. We are dependent for our survival on the earth’s magnetic field to deflect charged particles in the solar wind.  Our Earth and our Sun seem sick.    But is it all man-made as we are led to believe – new scientific studies instead suggest high energy galactic cosmic rays which are not man made could be to blame.

    The repercussion from the Scientific Revolution of the 1700’s was that everything had to have a scientific or mechanistic basis.   If it couldn’t be explained by science it wasn’t happening.  Emotional and spiritual connections were discouraged.  But everything within our universe is interconnected (that’s the only explanation of why astrology works after all).   The Age of Pisces heralded the worshipiing of the creator God at the expense of the many individual Gods and Goddesses who archetypally are represented by the planets.  That would be like just worshipping the Sun in the birth chart and forgetting all about the Moon, Venus, Mars and the rest of the gang.  Maybe even there are parallel universes out there that we may connect with eventually.

    Saturn and Pluto reach exactness in January 2020 and dance together nearly all that year, to be joined in the Spring of 2020 by Jupiter, after leaving Sagittarius in early December 2019.   The presence of Jupiter as wingman to Saturn and Pluto will really ratchet up their effects and intensify the melting I reckon, as will the square from Mars in Aries in October 2020.

    The major planetary cycles are signalling the phoenix effect of a new era as we see old doors closing and new doors opening.   Whilst we see time as solely linear, this time in the future, where the phoenix has actually risen, is actually informing our current time that some things have to break down, decompose and end.   We are in the almost totally broken period as the Age of Pisces draws to a close and we await the Age of Aquarius.

    So for now I would say enjoy the dream bubble that Jupiter is giving right now before the chickens really come home to roost.