• Aim your arrows high

    New Moon December 7th, 2018

    On Friday December 7th, at 7.20 a.m., set for London, the Moon will be new in the sign of Sagittarius, the archer – depicted as half human and half horse.

    The current series of New and Full Moons is interesting. This is the third of seven New Moons falling at 15 degrees – the halfway point – of the signs, whilst the Full Moons from November through to March fall at 0 degrees and April at 29 degrees. 0 degrees and 29 degrees are considered to be ‘critical’ degrees representing beginnings and endings.

    This New Moon has a really strong Sagittarian theme to it with Jupiter, Lord of Sagittarius, rising in his own sign, followed closely by the Sun and the Moon. So, what energy can we expect? Well very different from the deep, intense, brooding energy we have just had with Scorpio and boy I think we are all overdue for something lighter. This energy is all about optimism, exuberance and finding the joy. Sagittarius is a mutable Fire sign and this Sun and Moon in the Aries decanate of Sagittarius is all about finding the excitement, vision and directed energy that goes with Fire. I think the main energy is going to be ‘aspiration’ and ‘aiming high’ – aiming higher than your previous Personal Best.

    Some keywords also to consider – Enthusiasm, optimism, adaptability, visionary, expansive, building bridges, idealistic.

    Sagittarius links the Fire of the Soul to the individual’s ability to rise up, to aspire, to be on the quest to explore the universe for the Truth – the Truth and the Wisdom through which they can truly grow, expand and evolve. Sagittarius constantly sees a higher goal to aim for – once he has reached one goal and his mind has expanded via the Cosmic Fire, he intuitively knows there is always another goal to reach for – that he must aim his arrow higher and higher. Through his constant aspirations he discovers that the Universe has systems and patterns through which he can truly understand Life and that he must aim his arrow high so that, by reaching for the highest pinnacles spiritually, his Soul can achieve its purpose. This is how an Olympian achieves – attains a Personal Best and then strives to beat it.

    Jupiter is on a constant quest to explore, to go further. He always seeks to look at the big picture – he doesn’t want to get caught up in the minutiae of everyday life. And in a fire sign, as he is here, he has an idealism and a vision of what that big picture will look like. Now Fire will always leap over boundaries – as has been seen recently with devastating effects in California – and Jupiter in his own sign wants to cross the impossible boundaries and bridge Earth and Heaven.

    However, whilst Jupiter aims high we must be mindful to keep grounded because Jupiter can become too enthusiastic, too optimistic, too righteously dogmatic, too careless because he is not interested in sweating the small stuff and rarely knows quite when to stop. So this energy will for sure encourage individuals to leap the hurdles, forget about the ‘what-ifs’ and see what that vision of the big picture would look like. And we sorely need this type of energy right now!

    No planets are retrograde, so the energy is now forward moving. Mercury planet of the mind and communication is stationary before moving forward, so there is still a slight cautionary energy encouraging us to really take the time to consider the messages learned during his retrograde period – remember the key words: re-view, re-evaluate, re-assess – but this can help us to stay grounded. And with Mars and Neptune still in conflict with the New Moon, be conscious that clouded judgment and feelings of impotence may still try to hinder you from aiming those arrows high enough; instead concentrate on using your intuition as an asset to help you to harness the more positive energy of Mars and Neptune to courageously pursue your ideals. It may be that you just can’t see your exact goal – perhaps there is still an inner ongoing evolving process that you need to go through before you can truly see where you are heading for; and your actual target may be completely different from the one you imagined. Indeed, Jupiter as Lord of both Sagittarius and Pisces can assist you here as overall co-ordinator and strategist. But still aim your arrow as high as possible and trust that the Universe will know where to direct it.

    Uranus, the Sky God, aspecting the Moon’s nodes, is also asking us as a collective to wake up and liberate ourselves from whatever our shackles and constraints may be by choosing the higher path so that we can move forward and fulfill our potentials.

    Jupiter as Zeus was armed with a thunderbolt whilst Uranus, as Prometheus, gave man the gift of fire and his energy is so fast that it is just like a thunderbolt – so we have two potentially life-changing energies in the frame.

    So as you choose your target be bold, dare to be different, acknowledge what is unique about you, imagine how you would be if you became your true authentic self. Then aim just that little bit higher than you think you can and shoot that new seed out of your arrow and allow it to bloom.