• The Saturn Pluto South Node conjunction is closing – now only three degrees separate them. And we have the Sun, sitting with Eris, Goddess of Strife and Discord, coming in to make a conflict angle – a square. With the nodes involved this has a ‘fated’ feel to it – something connected with destiny in some way. Saturn/Pluto/South Node suggests a breakdown and crumbling of institutions, corporations and traditions. Just to illustrate have we ever seen a UK parliament quite so out of step with the public?

    Now in the UK this is a crunch week for Brexit – yes another one!! But this Friday could really be crunch day. On Friday, April 12th, we have the Sun in an exact square to the nodal axis, but this time the Moon gets into the picture as well as she joins the North Node.

    If we translate this on to the UK chart we see the Sun in the UK 7th house – partners and open enemies. The Saturn/Pluto South Node combo sits in the fourth house of traditions, families and our roots. The Moon and North Node sit in the 10th house – government and public reputation – along with the Moon (the people) in the UK chart. Now the Sun in a chart can also represent the leader/Prime Minister. This chart shows a Prime Minister sitting with our partners and open enemies at total odds with our traditions and with the people. And have we ever seen our reputation in the world quite so trashed as it is now? The chart for April 12th says to me that whatever happens no-one will be happy whatever side of the fence they sit.

    This is just a simple snapshot – it is down to us to deal with the fall out of the breakdown but we must also look forward to new beginnings in order to carve out our destiny.