• Change is Inevitable – Become a willing participant in your own life story


    On April 19, at 12.12 p.m. in London, the Moon will be full in Libra. This is an interesting Full Moon – we have both the Sun and the Moon at the final degrees of Aries and Libra respectively.  The Moon’s ruler Venus also is nearing the end of her stay in Pisces and preparing to move into Aries.  When planets are at the end or the beginning of signs they are at ‘critical’ degrees where they have a special significance.  At the final degree they are poised for change but, by the same token, there is a sense of knowingness and understanding abut the energy and workings of that sign which brings its own sense of urgency.  So there may be a final flurry of activity, a ‘need’ to do something quickly before it’s too late.  This Sun in Aries knows that if there is something that he needs to get ready for the next stage then he needs to get on with it.  The energy is a bit like suddenly wanting to get all your ‘to do list’ done and dusted because you’re off on holiday the next day and you can safely leave all the organising and sorting out to your very able assistant Taurus while you’re gone.

    The Moon will move from Libra into Scorpio, so she will move from being the mediator and peace-maker to an energy of passion, intensity and the desire to possess and engage at a very deep level.

    Mars, ruler of the Sun, is still in Gemini so, with the Sun’s weapon still the spoken word, this final point of Aries is more about making decisions in order to take action.  Mercury is in Aries alongside Chiron, so anything painful or wounding really needs to be acted upon.  If something is bothering you act on it now.

    Venus will move from Pisces, where she is exalted and treated as an honoured guest, into Aries.  In Pisces she loves totally and unconditionally, whereas in Aries she is not so comfortable; she may make rash decisions on love or money.  Asteroid Juno is also at the end of a sign.  Juno is very indicative of relationships – Juno is leaving sociable Gemini and is poised to enter sensitive, family oriented Cancer.  So, if there is something to be discussed or dealt with in terms of relationships then act on it now.

    So we have three planets and an asteroid at critical degrees, poised for endings and change.  And we still have the Cardinal Grand Cross we had at the New Moon involving the nodes, as well as Saturn and Pluto.   Saturn and Pluto are currently book-ending the South Node, heralding both fear and paranoia as well as some kind of change and breakdown which somehow affects all our destinies.  We are in a time of uncertainty, much geo-political activity across the world, and, of course, in the UK we have the utterly mad scenario of Brexit.

    In many cultures there are festivals around the time of the vernal equinox, celebrating the end of the Winter and the beginning of the growing season.  This Full Moon falls on Good Friday or Passover.   In Judaism Passover was originally a Spring festival and became a celebration of the Exodus from Egypt.  In Christianity Jesus’ last supper took place at Passover.  Good Friday marks the end of Jesus’ life and his crucifixion on the cross with his Resurrection on Easter Sunday.   The Easter festival is a continuation of archetypal pre-Christian ritual festivals of sacrifice for the sins of the people in order to allow future development and growth.  So we can see that the significance of Easter is reflected in this Full Moon on several levels – a time of death, regeneration and rebirth.

    Saturn and Pluto are moving closer together and 2020 is a year of new cycles which will symbolise the breaking down of the old in order to bring forward the new, and this is perhaps a good point to briefly revisit these.   First some dates to note:

    January 2020 Saturn and Pluto exact conjunction

    March 2020 Mars Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction

    November 2020 Jupiter Moon Saturn Pluto conjunction

    Culminating in:

    December 2020 new Jupiter Saturn great cycle in the element of Air

    And, of course, all this occurs in the contextual backdrop of the seven hard Uranus/Pluto aspects spanning the last ten years (social and political rebellion and revolution, personal and collective change).   We already live in a world much changed since 2008, all of which has contributed to a breaking down of traditions and institutions in order that change can come in.    Human nature tends to fear and block change, but change is always inevitable.

    Saturn and Pluto meet every 35 years or so, but the last time these guys met in Capricorn was in 1517-20, the time of the Reformation.  This was a time of revolt against the abuse of spending and power by the Church.     The Church and Government in those days were intertwined – so this period was a great test of faith, morality and corrupt government and institutions.   Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were last all together in the same sign in 411 AD  (the fall of Rome) and 1146  (the Crusades).  So perhaps you can see the historic importance of the 2020 line up.  In fact a search for Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn would actually take you back to the year 549AD.

    The end of the Roman Empire marked the destruction of a mode of life marked by widespread indulgence, decadence, naivety and inflation that was in denial.  In some respects this doesn’t sound dissimilar to our western world.  And sometimes it feels as though the Crusades are actually current events!

    In the last 100 years we have had three meetings between Saturn and Pluto: 1914 which coincided with World War 1; 1947 the time of the Cold War, the Roswell extra-terrestrial discovery and a time when European integration was seen as an antidote to the World Wars 1 and 2;  and 1982 which is the cycle currently coming to a close and which links very much with aspects of the new Jupiter/Saturn great cycle beginning at the end of 2020.  What did we see in the early 1980’s?  –

    • First GM crops
    • First gene therapy techniques
    • Global recession
    • Greece, Spain and Portugal entered the EU
    • A greater leaning towards capitalism and growth
    • Major dissent in the Middle East
    • Rapid Population growth
    • Birth of the Islamic Jihad organisation
    • Huge technology growth and medical discoveries
    • The birth of the World Wide Web

    It is this cycle that is now on its last legs.  As I have said before history repeats itself but it occurs in the contextual backdrop of its time so it’s never quite the same.   Some of this list of above events of the early 80’s will be apparent within the new cycles of the 2020’s.

    Capricorn rules finance, economy, stock market, banking sector, governments, banks and corporations and, of course, Uranus has made his entry into Taurus, representing money and value systems.   So it is likely we will see some kind of transformation of economic systems as we know them.  Saturn with Pluto represents the meeting of the God of Death with the Grim Reaper and the start of this new cycle, building up to the new socio-economic great cycle of the Jupiter/Saturn meeting, suggests that this is a pivotal point in history.   We might expect technological and medical advances, advances in exploration of space, huge growth in Artificial Intelligence, advances in gene therapy and in general facilitating the birth of babies as this generation leaves it up to 20 years later to start their families than was usually just a few decades ago.  It’s hard to even think of all the changes that have occurred within the world in just the last ten years but these new cycles suggest that the pace of future change will be stratospheric. Saturn tests us – he finds our weak spots where we are insecure and vulnerable.   Pluto transits indicate times that we have to let go of things, behaviours, egos so that everything can be reborn and renewed.   Pluto wants power and Saturn authority and people with these two planets accented in their charts may be custodians of wealth and power – e.g. Rockefeller and Gates

    How do we make best use of this Full Moon

    A Full Moon is about seeing situations in full light.  It’s about letting go and endings and how we handle them.  And as I said we have three planets and Juno about to end their stay in a sign.  Something is ending and crumbling and we are being asked to face up to this.

    So I think the message at this Full Moon is clearly about change and how you personally deal with change.  Does it excite you?  Or does it fill you with anxiety and fear?  Are you prepared for change or would you rather bury your head and hope it all goes away?  Are you geared up for the changes ahead or would you rather just carry on doing things as you have always done?   Do you currently do a job that could in the future be replaced by Artificial Intelligence?  Do you run your own business but try not to embrace the necessary technology to get your message out there enough?

    These new cycles of 2020, with the added energy of Uranus in Taurus, suggest an era of personal and collective change of great intensity.   Globally we will become accountable and perhaps we will be reminded that our Earth is a living being and our Universe is conscious.  Everything is designed to be interconnected and we are not an isolated part of our surroundings.   Our attempts to walk out of step with them has put stress on our minds and our bodies.

    Our reality may be restructured at fundamental levels – perhaps in ways that we cannot contextualise yet.  Imagine trying to explain the internet in the 1970’s.

    Because of the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon on the Earth, the Earth’s axis rotates or precesses like a spinning top over a period of about 26,000 years.  This means that the North Celestial Pole will not always point towards to the same constellation – each age of precession lasting around 2,160 years.   Some say that we have already left the age of Pisces (Christianity) and entered the age of Aquarius.   However, I think we are seeing the breaking down of this last Piscean age and gearing up for the Age of Aquarius.

    What dreams do you have that require changes to be made within your life? Are there some hurts and wounds that need to be brought to the surface and acknowledged so that they can be dealt with so that you can allow yourself to move forward?

    What learning curve do you need to go through in order to embrace the energy of the new cycles?

    The Jupiter/Saturn great cycle beginning at 0 degrees Aquarius in 2020 I think will give us some clues.   Aquarius is an Air sign and, therefore, represents a more logical, mental attitude rather than the emotions of Pisces.    Aquarius embraces innovation and technology, so I think we will see a much greater accent on technology and artificial intelligence in our lives.  Air equals space – so expect space exploration and colonisation.

    My view is that we need to be prepared to handle this ‘assault’ on our minds and our brains.   We can already see the levels of anxiety within our society, so how can we do this?  Firstly in the same way that we give our bodies a break by going on holiday and resting in the sunshine, we need to understand that we must give our brains a break too.   If we give our brains a break then we allow a break from the brain organisms being on constant red alert sending chemical messengers here and there and everywhere within our bodies telling our fight and flight systems to be at the ready all the time.

    Dr. Joe Dispenza talks of the ‘thinking feeling’ loop.   He teaches that thoughts cause bio-chemical reactions which release signals to make the body feel how the mind is thinking. Emotions recall past experiences so, as the body feels the emotion of the thought, you remain in a hardwired loop of thoughts and feelings.[1]

    What do you want to change and be different at the next New Moon?   If you keep thinking the same thoughts then you will keep having the same emotional experiences and repeat the same outcome. If you really want a different outcome then it is the conscious mind that has to step up to the mark and ‘lead’ the automatic unconscious patterns that perpetuate unconscious habits and behaviours.   More on this subject at the New Moon!!

    So acknowledge what is breaking down and not working in your life.   A horoscope is a map of our potentials in life – how we can work towards the best we can be.  Much as we might perhaps prefer everything to stay as it is, life has to change and through this we evolve and can grow to be our best.   But by knowing how these energies affect us on an individual level we can be active participants in our life story rather than a powerless bystander – do you really want to stand by helplessly watching as energies rock and buffet your life?








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    [1]Becoming Supernatural, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Hay House 2017, p.113-114