• Cycles of time – Envy and Greed – Harvest new growth not turds



    On November 12th we have a Full Moon in Taurus.    And when we have a Taurus Full Moon then the Sun is exactly opposite in the sign of Scorpio.  The light of the Full Moon allows us to see what we have in our harvest of goodies – what really is part of the harvest and what we can let go of so that we can make room for the new to come in.   It marks a turning point.


    In Native American folklore this Full Moon is also known as the Beaver Moon because it marks the time that beavers become particularly active building their winter homes ready for the cold season.  This is particularly apt for the Taurus Moon, who seeks to build in order to ensure her security and safety.   This is a practical rather than emotional Moon, who seeks tangibles such as a home, possessions and money in order to feel safe and secure.


    Aries begins the creative process, while Taurus follows on and builds and lays down structures.    Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign – it likes to have stability and routine.  Taurus resists change with a passion – have you ever tried to move a bull around???!!!   This is an acquisitive Moon, a possessive Moon that seeks luxury.   She is a tactile Moon – she wants to feel velvet cushions, sink into clean silky fresh white sheets and she wants cakes and chocolate and fine wine!


    This is a strong and powerful Full Moon.   Fixed signs have strength, endurance and persistence; they won’t be pushed around, but just need to ensure that their resistance to change doesn’t hold them back.   The Moon here is practical and realistic, whilst the Sun is in responsive water – and in Scorpio this might be still waters on the surface, but beware what is running under the surface.  So this Full Moon is a self-protective Moon whose harmonious aspect to Pluto and to Saturn adds to its strength, its power and its ability to work hard towards its goals.   This is a ‘don’t mess with me’ Moon.   But if Taurus becomes too acquisitive (greed) and Scorpio’s waters are swirling and bubbling then there can be a toxic side of greed and envy.    A little bit of greed and envy can be a great motivator to strive and achieve, but too much festers within.


    For me Taurus is the sign most synonymous with the Earth – and here we literally have Mother (Moon) Earth (Taurus).   And in the UK chart she sits in the house of crisis and of other people’s money, looking very closely at Ceres, herself Earth Mother.   However, this is the time that Ceres/Demeter has to let her daughter Persephone go back to the Underworld.   The land dies now until the Spring and we have to hope that the recent harvest has been good enough to tide us through.


    Astrology marks the cycles of the planets.  Back in the day Kings would never go into battle without his astrologer by his side, advising him on favourable timings.  So, it is right that astrologers should indeed look at overall cycles, make calls on what they mean and make predictions so that people can make plans and be prepared.


    These cycles are signposts – why would you want to go in the wrong direction?  Of course you might choose the scenic route rather than the direct one, but that’s fine.   To be informed is to have strength to live one’s purpose.


    Life is a cycle – we plan our lives around the daily cycle of the Sun as he rises and sets, within the bigger picture of the lunar cycle as she goes from New to Full and back to New again, within a bigger picture of the cycle of the year and its seasons.   Life is measured by birth and death, and by the cycles of the natural universe.   Once upon time we had a great natural connection with these cycles and our Earth.    However, we have in the main forgotten this – our whim for every kind of foodstuff, whatever the cycle of the season, is gratified by flying green beans in from Kenya or Chile, or by picking fruit before it is ripe, flying it to us and then artificially bringing on its growth.  We eat so few products based on their growing season in our country, how can we expect our children to grasp this cycle of natural life?  Although there are glimpses in society that this is beginning to change as realization of what has been lost dawns.  When did you last truly feel the connection with the earth beneath your feet walking barefoot?  When did you last pick something to eat, freshly grown in your garden?  If you did how nice was that feeling?


    Life on earth resonates to the rhythm of the cycles of the universe – that’s why astrology ‘works’.   We resonate to the rhythm of the planets at our birth and we continue to resonate to the way the cosmic universe moves in accordance with our birth charts.   And we should also remember that the Earth is a living sentient being also.   The Earth has its own electromagnetic resonance – like a heartbeat.  In one of his many blogs Dr. Joe Dispenza mentions a German physicist and professor, W.O.Schumann, who discovered that there were measurable electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere that existed in the cavity between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere, where there is an abundant layer of electrons, ionized atoms and molecules that stretches from approximately 30 miles above the surface of the earth to the edge of space.[1]  This region grows and shrinks based on solar conditions and it this ‘celestial power station’, as Dispenza calls it, which makes radio communication possible.   In 1954 the Schumann resonance was established, measuring the electromagnetic resonances at a frequency of 7.83 HZ.   This frequency is like a ‘tuning fork for life’ – it acts as a background frequency influencing the biological circuitry of the mammalian brain.


    Perhaps our own nervous system is influenced by this frequency and this is why being in nature can have such a calming effect on us.   However, something has changed.  In 2014 the frequency rose to 15-25 Hz levels and then in 2017 reached 36+Hz.   So what is happening and what does this mean for us?


    Now we could look at this, according to Dispenza, in two ways.   It could be that human consciousness is impacting upon Earth itself just because we live in times of high anxiety and tension.   Am I the only one that feels that time actually goes faster?  We have just experienced seven Pluto/Uranus squares, which have coincided with highly charged and turbulent political situations across the globe.   This is in itself an extraordinary event – so is our Earth, as a sentient being just as we are, responding to these extraordinary planetary cycles of turmoil, breakdown and change by ‘speeding up’?


    Another way to look at this though is that, if the Earth is vibrating at a higher frequency, so perhaps also are we.   Perhaps our levels of consciousness and awareness have the potential to increase also, which would allow a jump in our evolutionary level to take place.    If that is the case then we should be seeing this reflected within the upcoming planetary cycles.   So do we see this?


    In fact our planetary cycles would indeed suggest that something major is about to happen.   Are we about to make a quantum leap greater than say the impact of the Industrial Revolution?   For starters everything upcoming will happen against the backdrop of the seven Pluto/Uranus squares that have reflected the political and global turmoil we have experienced since 2007/8.


    Gamma brain waves, says Dispenza, represent a greater conscious awareness, an aroused state in the brain.   However, he also adds that rather than being connected to fight or flight, they are more connected with super consciousness and super awareness.


    So would astrology back up some kind of ‘great evolutionary jump’ such as this?   Yes I think so.   To have had seven exact Pluto/Uranus squares is pretty rare in itself – and, before we have a new paradigm shift, it is inevitable that we have a breakdown of some kind.   In order to have the phoenix fly up from the ashes, we first have to have the ashes!  We have to experience complete breakdown and change.  And to make the transition we absolutely need to raise our levels of consciousness and awareness so that we can deal with the reality of change rather than fight it.


    At the winter solstice on December 22 this year we see a huge Capricorn line up taking shape with Sun, Jupiter, South Node, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto all in this sign; gone is Jupiter’s optimistic feel during his time in Sagittarius – we now have to look at reality.


    The solstice is quickly followed by a solar eclipse on Boxing Day, where the Moon has now joined the Capricorn gang, followed on January 10th, 2020 by a lunar eclipse.    At this lunar eclipse the Moon has moved to the opposite sign of Cancer and Mercury now joins the Capricorn line up where he has taken prize position absolutely on the Sun’s lap.   He truly is a messenger of the Gods.


    Now in Capricorn this lot could just decide to take the brick wall approach exerting their authority and power – it’s my way or the highway attitude – or they could choose the calmer, more solid Capricorn manner of dealing realistically and systematically with what comes.   This accent on Earth and Capricorn earth could indeed bring a kick-start of political and economic change – so we need to get prepared and put all our ducks in a row so to speak.


    Also in Taurus we have Uranus, who could bring sudden influences to our Earth, to our banking systems and to our political systems.   The last time that Jupiter and Saturn and Pluto were in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus (my thanks to Roy Gillett for doing the maths here) was in 3838 BCE – even more astonishing is that this won’t happen again until after 5000 CE.[2]   So what was going on in 3838 BCE we might ask, because, whilst history repeats itself in terms of backdrop, obviously the context has changed?   This was the late Neolithic period on the verge of the Bronze Age.   We have the first evidence of writing, the beginnings of agriculture, civil law, trade and great city-states such as Sumer.   Western Asia and the Near East were the first regions to enter the Bronze Age. Cultures in the ancient Near East practiced intensive year-round agriculture, developed a writing system, invented the potters wheel, created a centralized government, written law codes, city and nation states and empires, embarked on advanced architectural projects, introduced social stratification, economic and civil administration, and practiced organized warfare, medicine and religion. Societies in the region laid the foundations for astronomy, mathematics and astrology.   So a period of huge huge change in civilisation.


    Additionally, towards the end of 2020 we have a new Jupiter/Saturn socio-economic cycle beginning at 0 degrees Aquarius – the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution perhaps?   Jupiter and Saturn meet every 20 years, but 2020 marks the point where a new Great cycle begins, lasting around 250 years.   During these Great cycles the two planets meet in the same element.   So since the mid 1800’s they have met in earth (capitalism, mass production and the Industrial Revolution.   From 2020 they will meet in Air – the element of the mind and communication, space, the internet, artificial intelligence.


    So yes, the planetary cycles do suggest that we are currently going through a period of breakdown and change, which has to happen before we can make a big evolutionary jump.   To get the best out of what is coming and what is new make sure your harvest is one of creation and embracing of the future, rather than one of sticking only with what has always been done before and trying to use power and authority to obtain what is wanted.   A fixed manner of not wanting change will not bring results.


    The Sun is in Scorpio at this Full Moon.  Scorpio can bring penetrating insight, intensity of focus and an ability to dig deep in terms of both resolve and searching for answers.   However, Scorpio can also bury what it doesn’t want to see and allow it to fester.   Scorpio rules the reproductive organs bringing new life and transformation, as well as the excretory organs and all that lies there.   So you can choose new life, new growth and transformation – or you can seek turds!

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    [2] Roy Gillett, A Turning Point in Human History, The Astrological Journal, Jan/Feb 2019.