• They tried to burn her not knowing she was a flame[1]


    On October 13th the Moon is full in the sign of fiery Aries.  Full Moons are when events or issues peak – they are harvest times – a time when we can reap the harvest of the seeds we have sewn at the New Moons.  But, just like the physical harvest, we don’t keep everything – only the fruits of our labours, which we can see clearly in the light of the Full Moon


    This particular Full Moon is called the Hunter Moon.  It follows on from festivals thanking the Gods for the harvest of food to last through the winter; the fields are now cut and it is time for hunting in order to build up stocks of meat for the coming winter.


    And with this Moon’s harmonious aspect to bountiful Jupiter, in his own sign of Sagittarius, and to Ceres (Goddess of the Harvest and Earth Mother), we are being afforded opportunities here if we choose to take them.  However, it’s not all plain sailing because this Moon is also exactly square to Pluto (and more widely Saturn and the South Node), bringing a somewhat darker side to the picture.    Fear, control, abuse, corruption, greed and matters that are in the shadows are all Pluto archetypal energies – but on the flip side so is transformation, regeneration and mastery of something.  Which side of the coin will you choose?


    Whilst Aries represents taking action, its ruler Mars is in more passive Venus ruled Libra. Venus, ruler of the Sun’s sign Libra is in Mars ruled Scorpio.  This means that, whilst the energies of Mars and Venus have the potential to support each other they are both in signs of discomfort.   This means they can’t fully access their power.   It would be similar to two very drunk people trying to help each other to walk in a straight line, whilst spending most of the time giggling and falling over.


    Pluto has been sitting at 20 degrees Capricorn since August 25th and will remain there until November 10th.  This means that anyone with planets at the same degree of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) may be feeling as though they are in a pressure cooker.    Tough lessons may need to be learned and deep changes made and, in order to evolve and grow, we may have to give something up to allow the new to come in.   This is a volatile Full Moon which will link and impact again at the lunar eclipse on January 20th next year at 20 degrees of Cancer, which will coincide with the exact meeting of Saturn and Pluto at 22 degrees of Capricorn.


    Venus is passionate, obsessive and intense here in Scorpio – she is in Pluto’s territory.  It was Pluto who abducted Persephone, the daughter of Ceres.   Persephone’s freedom was mediated (Libra) by Mercury.  If she agreed to spend six months in the under world of Pluto (when the crops and the land would die) then she would be allowed to return to the upper world for the remaining six months of the year (when the fruits, flowers and harvests would grow).  This way Ceres could at least spend half the year with her daughter and this is how myths explained the seasons.  It also explains how if we want something badly enough or passionately enough we might in return have to give something up.


    At this Full Moon one party may be blindly following passions, whilst hoping the Mars’ cavalry behind has their back.  The cavalry (Mars), however, is acting rather like the dutiful husband, saying “yes yes dear, you carry on and I will be right there”.   Trouble is he is not – he is more likely to be found on his phone catching up on the sports results and has no clue what is going on. Venus will be playing her cards close to her chest whilst Mars has to be nice and play the strategic, more diplomatic game rather than his normal more direct approach.


    The energy at this Full Moon is likely to be tense, possibly angry and certainly high octane and volatile.  So, where do we have explosions of passions right now?   One for sure is Brexit.    We are fast approaching the October 31stdeadline; the hysteria is rising and where is the cavalry that will rescue us?


    Looking at the UK chart, the Full Moon highlights the 7th house/1st house – our partners and/or open enemies versus us.   Mars (ruler of the 7th house) is sitting right on the UK Ascendant poking at Uranus to incite activism and disruption.  Mars and Venus can try to help each other but they are in adjacent signs and can’t ‘see’ what the other wants done.  Mercury (planet of the mind and communication) is also now in passionate Scorpio, where he will stay for an inordinately long time because of his retrograde motion (symbolically beginning Brexit day).   Expect more outbursts of passionate and intense opinion, but also perhaps an unearthing of secrets and lies.


    And who really is Pluto squaring this Full Moon, secretly directing the plot behind the scenes?  Often films are ahead of their time – think the final scenes of the James Bond film ‘Spectre’ where we were taken to the secret hub where the real control powerhouse was.  Pluto also sits opposite the Moon of the UK chart (the people); the people can see the toxic atmosphere (Pluto) of the Government and potential destruction (Pluto) of our values.  And with Pluto as the modern ruler of Scorpio, there is a ruthlessness to the fire of this Moon and a ‘behind the scenes’ intense energy.   Jupiter expands this high-octane energy right now, but he is still square to Neptune so can he even work what is real and what is fake?  No one is going to back down or give ground, because everyone considers they have the moral high ground (Jupiter in Sagittarius).   It’s highly likely that a no-deal Brexit will actually happen because no one has the capability or the desire to truly mediate.


    In the last lunar article I wrote about the burning of our rain forests as an area of extreme concern.   There are also many other signals of a ‘sick’ earth which have become apparent – the dying of our coral reefs, the pollution of our air, the collapse of the bee population, plastics in the ocean; did Fukushima really go away or was it pushed under the carpet?   We do not treat our planet with love and respect and this is a lesson we need to learn.  The young Greta Thunberg and Xtinction Rebellion are protesting that global warming is so serious that humanity is facing an existential crisis that will most likely lead to the end of our civilization as we know it.


    But I feel it is important to distinguish between what we know for sure really is a man-made problem that we can do something about, and what might be a red herring.  Global warming may possibly not be all it seems.


    The Saturn/South Node/Pluto combo in the sky breeds fear, which in itself will lead to its own self-fulfilling prophecy if we buy into its drama.     And, whilst I agree actions need to change, particularly with the things that we have control of, it seems that a lot of people are being drawn into this fear, driven in part by the agendas of others.  There are scientists who perhaps disagree with the global warming theory, but in today’s opinionated climate they are drowned out and are not listened to.


    In addition to the Earth being sick, I’ve written before that our Sun also appears sick right now. Without the Sun there would be no life on Earth and indeed we would not exist.    But more than this – the Earth warms because of the activity of the Sun and the Earth cools because of the inactivity of the Sun.  Sometimes the Sun is very active and sometimes it is inactive and this is demonstrated by a cycle of Sunspot activity.  Sunspots form on the surface of the Sun due to strong magnetic field lines.  A period of Solar Maximum is denoted by a high number of sunspots during a solar cycle, which lasts for 11 years.  We are currently in a period of Grand Minimum and 2019 has been a period of very little solar activity – the Sun was blank 89% of the time.  During periods of Solar Minimum the Sun’s magnetic field weakens, the Sun dims and the upper atmosphere cools.    This could actually mean that the Earth could become colder, wetter and experience extreme weather, which is infinitely worse for us than global warming – that really would be a survival issue.


    Our Earth has highly variable weather and that is because the Sun goes through changes and, as the Sun governs the Earth’s climate, so the Earth’s climate changes as well.  Indeed once Greenland was forested and had a relatively mild climate – just one indication of how planet Earth naturally has gone through different cycles of climate change in its life time.


    Our solar system as it moves through space is currently travelling through a cloud.  The Local Interstellar Cloud, or the Local Fluff as it is called, is a thin layer of magnetically charged gas that is 30 light years across and as hot as the surface of the Sun.   Our Sun has shielded us from this with a magnetic bubble that is pushed outward by solar wind.  But, if the cloudlets within the Fluff made it through into our solar system this in itself could wreak havoc on our climate.  A report from NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Exlorer revealed an unexpected change in the wind’s direction which in turn suggests changes in the environment of the Sun. (https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn24153-solar-system-caught-in-an-interstellar-tempest/)


    Fellow astrologer Theodore White, an astro-meterologist, states ‘what escapes many in conventional climate science is that the Earth lives in space and it is from space where our climate changes and its weather originates.  They ignore the Sun as well as the laws of physics and thermodynamics’.


    Armstrong Economics in a recent blog also state that climate has ‘ALWAYS changed from decade to decade’.  They also suggest that the real agenda is on more concentrated political authority with global warming as the hook!   The idea of global warming actually suits certain political narratives.


    Only just recently Canada has experienced an extreme early winter storm and in Montana in the USA there has just been winter snow storm the like of which usually not experienced until February.  US temperatures published by NASA also show a peak in high temperatures in the 1930s, with a trend of cooling to the year 2000.


    But Jupiter, and particularly Jupiter in Sagittarius, is also about expanding knowledge and searching for the truth, even though real truth is elusive right now. The non-dictatorial approach of David Attenborough, who has sought very successfully to educate and change mindsets as to how human actions have polluted our planet, has brought huge positive results.    I am highlighting this because there is much about the cosmic environment that we inhabit that we just do not know yet and for this reason our thoughts and opinions as well as those of others must be allowed to be challenged.   I don’t know who is right.   All I am saying is that the majority are not always right – they just happen to have the loudest ‘herd’.  Be tolerant of those who have a different opinion even if they appear to be a lone voice – ‘they tried to burn her not knowing she was a flame’.


    Pluto is a really big planetary player right now.   Where Pluto exerts his energy there is generally fear, so it is really important not to be drawn into the herd mentality of fear and drama.  Pluto always operates in the shadows under a cloak of secrecy but he can be guaranteed to be the most charming person you could ever meet to get his wish to manipulate and control.  Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will join up in early 2020 in Capricorn, the sign of authoritarianism, hierarchical control, institutions.   Fear is often used to bring in controls – fear perhaps that certain governments cannot be trusted with the safety of our earth.  A one world government, however, would, we are told, be the way forward, but then who really would control the earth and its resources?


    At the Full Moon Pluto sextiles Pallas Athena, Saturn sextiles Mercury in Scorpio and the Moon trines Jupiter – sextiles and trines are harmonious, opportunistic aspects that we need to grab hold of.   They are our exit strategies out of the mire of confusion and emotive opinions. We need to do our own research and discover for ourselves what is real and what is not, so that we can make well-informed judgments and decisions (Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mercury in Scorpio).   Then we must join the dots – there will be a pattern (Pallas Athena) that will allow us to bring the threads together and come to our own conclusions. In this way we avoid buying into and being sucked into the cycle of fear and mass hysteria driven by those who perhaps have other agendas for our future.


    Once Jupiter moves into Capricorn we may just get a reality check that will outweigh all the ‘stuck’ mindsets as to what really is important.  Greed has produced a ‘sick’ Earth and a ‘sick’ mentality of intolerance.  All we can do as individuals is to be kind, act from a position of love and respect and live according to the truth and values of our own personal soul’s purpose rather than the agenda of others.

    [1] R.h.sin