• Targets, arrows and beliefs




    The Full Moon on June 17th, 2019, at 09.31 in London will be in the sign of Sagittarius.


    A Full Moon is about the Spirit (the Sun) being able to look straight across at the Soul (the Moon) in full light – everything is exposed and laid bare, so that we can see what can be released and let go of.


    Sagittarius is depicted by a centaur – a beast with the torso of a man on the body of horse, reflecting the conflict between the feralness of the beast versus the civilized nature of man; the symbolism of the horse reflects the Sagittarian  love of freedom and movement.   Sagittarius is a Fire sign – action oriented and visionary, the Sagittarian energy just wants to ‘do’, but at times they can take on too much and be overwhelmed by everyone’s demands on them.   But Sagittarius’ USP is his bow and arrow – civilised man can show his brilliance by shooting his arrow straight to his target and as such get to the real heart of any problem.  He is a strategist, a truth seeker and a knowledge seeker.


    This is a generous, warm and far-reaching Moon and with Jupiter, Lord of Sagittarius, by her side she wants to soak up new ideas and philosophies and broaden her mind and knowledge in any way she can. Jupiter, however, is under the spell of Neptune, so it is highly possible his arrows will overshoot and miss their target because the target cannot be clearly seen.  Dreams may be overblown and, if our boundaries are too weak, we may be deceived by others or indeed by ourselves and lulled into a false sense of security.


    Mercury, planet of communication and the Lord of the Sun, sits in Cancer alongside Mars, planet of assertion and drive.   Mars, however, is weak in Cancer and has to express his energies in a more indirect and passive way; he is likely to react emotionally rather than decisively.  So be aware that there could be emotional blackmail in the air.


    Mercury and Mars sit with the North Node (destiny, potential and karma) and they all look across at this very powerful Saturn, Pluto, South Node combo currently in the sky, which I have spoken about quite a lot in other lunar articles.    The Saturn/Pluto double act is seeking to break down structures, traditions and long held beliefs that are no longer sustainable.   This could occur on many levels – big banks, corporate establishments, governments – whilst at more personal levels, this could be in terms of our own long held belief systems and traditional patterns of behavior that are just not conducive to satisfaction within our lives.    We are already aware of the sea changes within our own UK political system.


    It could represent structures that make us feel safe and secure because they’ve always been there and, therefore, represent the familiar. We may have to face the fact that many parts of our lives have been built on smoke, mirrors and sand, without enough stability to keep them propped up.  As  the global changes occur, particularly if the wealth in our pockets is hit, they will have an effect on our personal lives and, therefore, force our hands into taking some kind of remedial action.  On a sub-conscious level we already pick up this energy from the collective unconscious, so on one level we actually ‘know’ something is coming.

    We are already pinging to the energy in the collective unconscious.  But right now it’s just a sense and a feeling.


    It’s likely that we will react emotionally and defensively in a bid to protect and cling on to what we know and what is familiar to us.  As we stare down change in the face, we are likely to react from an emotional level.   We may not like what we see because we want everything to remain the same – that’s where we feel most comfortable.   It’s a bit like a see saw – when one end is heavier and on the ground that’s the easiest place to get on, so that’s where we will lay our hat.   But if that see saw represents our decision making based on belief systems that no longer serve us and we keep getting on at the same end, we will keep on failing, stay in our ruts and get the exact same outcome.   By repeating the same thing whilst expecting a different answer to appear, brings a reality of the same result time and time again.   You only have to look at Theresa May to see that that strategy doesn’t work!


    But change tends to equal pain so we try to put change off.  How many times have you ever made changes within your life when you are happy?   The answer is probably rarely.   So eventually there will come a time when the pain of remaining stuck at one end of the see saw will become greater than looking into the scary abyss and you will finally make an effort to pull down the other end of the see saw, even if the other seat looks like the choice between facing one end with a comfy cushion and the other with spikes built into it.


    Really we just want to escape to a beach in the sunshine and drink a mojito cocktail where the only problem would be having to get up and re apply the sun cream and bat the odd mosquito out of the way.  But we can’t – we are being asked for a reality check and we really need to make sure that every arrow we fire is targeted.


    The Moon sits with the Fixed Star Aculeus who sits close to the tail of the Scorpion.  The symbolism here is that the ability to withstand attacks and endure constant challenges ultimately strengthens.  Mars and Mercury are with the star Castor, one of the Gemini twins (Castor and Pollux). In myth the twins show the dual nature of life in general, the battle between light and dark, between civilization and its more bestial, uncivilized shadow.   So this Full Moon really is highlighting how we all contain light and dark, the civilized and the darker shadowy undercurrent.  On the one hand we are benevolent and compassionate, whilst on the other we are self-serving and self-protective.


    The Sagittarian archer performs best when he can see all possibilities – like Zeus did at the top of Mount Olympus – where he can see all the details and is able to act strategically from the standpoint of being able to see the big overall picture.  Then he can choose where best to shoot his arrow.  At the last New Moon I used the analogy of the uniqueness of our fingerprints, demonstrating that in life we are being tasked with a mission to find that hidden potential of our own specialness – that special talent that is unique to us and no one else.


    So at this Full Moon use the Sagittarian ability to stand on the mountain and see the big picture.   See all the details but try not to be bogged down in them.  See the big picture, but make the small changes you can reach with your arrow – where you can pinpoint following the intentions you set at the New Moon.  Think back to how many small decisions you have made in the past which seemed insignificant at the time but ultimately set you on a long-term path.  Your short-term plans can become mid-term plans and then these can be channeled into the long term goal plans – just like the butterfly effect.  Visualize the freedom of the wind in your hair as though you are the arrow flying to its destination.


    It’s time to try to change thoughts and beliefs about yourself. You think you can’t do something, but it’s actually the memory of failure in your brain that is telling you this, not reality.  Each neuron in our brain is like a mini computer on its own, producing effects within our body.  The first thing we have to do if we want to achieve any kind of change is to examine our thought patterns, particularly the ingrained ones we’ve spent years perfecting – they’re the end of the see saw with the comfy cushion.   Changing to the seat with the spikes on means we have to put in effort and overcome fear.


    But first we must recognize that it is our thoughts and beliefs hardwired within our brain that we have to get under control if we are to find our unique role in life.  And this is what we can more easily see at the Full Moon.