• Generational once in a lifetime transits – a brief overview

  • First Saturn return – age 28-30
    Pluto Square Pluto – age around late 30’s
    Neptune square Neptune – age around 42
    Uranus opposite Uranus – age 41-44
    Second Saturn Return – age 57-60
    Uranus return – age 82-86

    First Saturn return
    This is the point of maturity and of really growing up. It’s a point of major changes as we must take responsibility for our life and for where we are heading. I often liken major Saturn periods to audit checks – its where we must take stock and ask ourselves where we are heading. Are we on the right path? Is our relationship right for us? What changes need to be made? It’s a point where many elements of our life end as the decks are cleared for us to move forward in a different way. Perhaps we change career, start a new and serious relationship and establish a new life direction. If we don’t want to take responsibility this may be a difficult period within our life but it will most certainly be pivotal.

    Pluto square Pluto
    This can be a difficult time because it’s a point where if we are to move forward we have to confront things in our life that we perhaps think we have buried completely but in fact have always been there in our unconscious affecting our behaviour patterns and our way of life. This may also be a point where we find ourselves in all manner of power struggles – the effect will very much depend on the house positions of the natal Pluto and transiting Pluto, as well as the house governed by Scorpio. Pluto is the planet of death and regeneration and at this point there are patterns in our life that need to die in order that we can regenerate and replace them with new ways of behaving. The old patterns have perhaps been destructive for us even though we have held on and held on to them. But this is a time to let the old die and bring in the new.

    Because of the varying speed of planets, Pluto square Pluto can closely follow the first Saturn square after the Saturn return – the first audit check after the Saturn return. Are we still on the track we put ourselves on at the return or do we need to make tweaks? If our Saturn return has been difficult and we are not on track then Pluto square Pluto will possibly be all the more difficult to deal with and we must then really face up to what we have buried so deep that we are blocking and affecting our life in a harmful way.

    Neptune Square Neptune
    This tends to be a part of our mid-life crisis and is a point where we question our life. Neptune is generally about longing and yearning and reaching for our ideals. However, Neptune can also bring confusion, deception and illusion. Sometimes our ideals are unrealistic and we may find this point in our lives very confusing indeed. We may chase something which is just an illusion or we may be taken in by someone or something that deceives us, albeit unintentionally. But it can be a point where we can truly find our dreams and release the magic.

    Uranus opposite Uranus
    At around the same time we get another mid-life crisis point. Uranus highlights that time is marching on and asks whether we have achieved in life what we have set out to do. If the answer is no then Uranus, as the planet of shocks, disruption and rebellion, may lead us to act quickly to make the changes we consider to be required. However, if life is good then you may revel in the realisation that life is good and experience a release of excitement at the knowledge of this.

    Second Saturn return
    This has a different feeling to the first Saturn return. It is still an audit check but has less urgency and more life experience. It’s a time when we are thinking about the latter phase of our life. Perhaps there is something we have always wanted to do but because of the demands of our busy lives we have been unable to put any focus there. But now we have the time to do it. Perhaps we learn something new that will carry us through this latter phase or perhaps we just make readjustments to our lives to accommodate our future different needs.

    Uranus return
    This comes at a much later stage in our life and perhaps sees a time when we are freed up from our responsibilities and stresses of life. We have seen a whole cycle of life and hopefully we can share our wisdoms and our experiences. Its not the end of life but it is a marker of time.