• Harry and Meghan

    May 31, 2018
  • On 19th May, 2018, Prince Harry married Meghan Markle – a mixed race, divorced American actress. So what might this mean for both Harry and the Royal Family.

    Most people can picture a young Harry walking behind his mother’s coffin and we rejoice in his happiness. However, beware the woman who breaks his heart! I really hope that this is a lasting union but I will bide my time on this one until I see how events pan out. I think there is a lot of water to pass under the bridge in the next two to three years. She did the audition got the part – now can she hack it? Did she want the role or does she truly love her Prince?

    Meghan is Cancer rising, with her rising point not a million miles away from the UK Moon. Her natal Libra Moon sits with Saturn and Jupiter so I think she has the potential to instinctively pick up the traditions, the restrictions and the pomp of the British monarchy – but will she like it?

    Her Sun and Mercury in Leo love the limelight and indicate her acting prowess, but sitting in her first house also demonstrate that she is very driven by her own desires. Her Aries Midheaven is ruled by Mars, which in Meghan’s case sits in her twelfth house in Cancer. So it’s a tricky Mars – a fire planet having to sit in water – what does she hide? Secrets? Darker personality traits? Interestingly, Meghan’s Mars sits right on Harry’s descendant (the point of the significant other), while her Sun and Mercury sit in his seventh house of partnerships and marriage. Chiron, the wounded healer, sits at 22 Taurus with Harry’s Moon at 21 Taurus. Will Meghan heal Harry or will she hurt him?

    Harry probably loves Meghan’s drive and energy and the placement of her Uranus in relationship to Harry’s chart indicates that he finds her exciting – Uranus sits on his South Node (familiarity), opposes his Moon (perhaps she reminds him of the free spirit of his mother), sextiles his Sun and sits right on his Midheaven.

    As they married Uranus had just entered Taurus and what is so interesting is that the last time we saw Uranus in Taurus was in 1934/35 – it was in 1936 that Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee who brought havoc to the monarchy. Here we see history almost repeating itself – will it be for the downfall of the monarchy or this time for the good? 0 Taurus is the position of the Queen’s Sun and Prince Charles’ Moon – Uranus will pass this degree twice more in October and then March 2019. Uranus brings change and shock very quickly – what will this bring?

    Additionally Pluto, the planet of transformation and change, has opposed the UK Moon in January of this year (just after the engagement was announced) and will do so twice more in August and November 2018. The Moon in the chart of a country represents the people and general public. The UK Moon is in the 10th house of royalty and tradition and sits with the Queen’s nodal axis – she is the keeper of the traditions and she instinctively understands that the place of the monarchy is to put the glue into the country and uphold a sense of patriotic feeling. Once Pluto has opposed the UK Moon he will cross the Queen’s nodal axis and then her ascendant, later passing over Meghan’s ascendant. The eclipse on July 13 at 20 cancer picks up on transiting Pluto. What deep changes will this bring, particularly with the Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto combination sitting on the Queen’s nodes and Ascendant in 2020?

    Additionally, transiting Saturn over the next months triggers so many of the Royal Family’s charts. During the second half of 2018 transiting Saturn travels back to 2 Capricorn and moves to 11 Capricorn by the end of the year. This will trigger the UK Sun at 10 Capricorn, Harrys Ascendant at 11 Capricorn, square Meghans MC at 11 Aries. It will also bring up memories of Diana with her Sun at 9 Cancer. Transiting Saturn will square William’s Mars at 9 Libra, oppose Camilla’s Moon at 10 Cancer. And into the new year Saturn will cross William’s nodal axis at 14 Capricorn, square Charles’ MC at 13 Aries, oppose the Queen’s Pluto at 12 cancer, cross Philipp’s Ascendant at 13 Capricorn and meet Kate’s Sun at 19 Capricorn by the Spring of 2019. (Bear in mind that transiting Pluto will also have been sitting on Kate’s Sun, the Queen’s nodal axis and the UK Moon). That’s one hell of a lot of hits to so many key points in the charts of the main Royal Family!

    So, for now I will sit on the fence. Change is coming in for the Royal Family but will it be for good or for ill?