• Jacinda Ardern – Prime Minister of New Zealand

    She is the world’s youngest female head of government and has been propelled into the global spotlight by the recent sickening events.   So who is she?   She was born into a Mormon family and spent her early years in a small town called Murupara, primarily a poor area and a centre of Maori gang activity.   She herself, as the daughter of a law enforcement officer and subsequently the New Zealand high commissioner to the island of Niue, led a more privileged life.   But what she had seen around her apparently inspired her to enter politics and make a difference.   She is a committed feminist and gave birth to her first child last year.

    I haven’t seen a time of birth for her but her unaspected Sun in Leo marks her as a leader who has the potential to be a true leader from the front,  not driven egotistically by any other aspects in her character.   She impressed in the way that she quickly took charge of a difficult and emotional situation – something that New Zealand has not previously encountered – in a strong, non-emotive and compassionate fashion.


    Mars at the apex of a T-square with her Moon in Capricorn and Mercury in Cancer shows her drive for fairness, social responsibility and for doing what is right and caring, whilst speaking from the heart.   Since the shooting she has come out very strongly and very quickly on the subject of reforming the gun (Mars) laws.


    Saturn in Virgo is also the apex of a second T-square with Venus and Neptune.  Her desire to help and make conditions better for the people is coupled with empathy and compassion.   Chiron opposite Aquarius and the focal point of a yod (finger of god), together with her South Node in Aquarius, demonstrates her desire for reform and for action with a sense of fairness and humanitarianism.


    As she came out to comfort the victims of the terrible massacre I couldn’t help but contrast the apparent warmth of her compassion and genuine desire to give comfort in the form of an empathetic embrace, with our own Prime Minister May’s awkwardness and lack of the human touch in the aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy here in the UK.   Ardern out of respect to the Muslim community donned a hijab and her compassion and remorse was palpable.   She demonstrated that a true leader can be someone who can be looked towards as a strong, decisive, warm and compassionate human being who actually also is capable of understanding their plight.