• Lunar Eclipse July 27th, 2018

    On Friday July 27th at 9.20p.m. in London we have a highly charged total lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs at a Full Moon when the Moon passes behind the Earth and is in the Earth’s shadow. It will appear blood red due to the Sun’s light in the Earth’s atmosphere refracting – and apparently red light travels faster than the other colours. Well, who knew that?! Additionally, the Moon will be sitting next to the red planet Mars, which will increase the illusion of redness.

    Eclipse season is always crazy energy, but the ancients took great notice of the omens that eclipses gave them. Visible across Asia, Japan, Korea, South America, and parts of Africa and Southern Europe, this eclipse will be the longest eclipse so far of the century and this will increase its power. Japan is already seeing a major heatwave, far worse than ours, and we may see issues in Korea or Pakistan.

    This eclipse is long in duration because the Moon is at its furthest from Earth and it takes longer to pass through the shadow of the Earth. So, because it is so far from Earth the Moon will appear smaller than normal, whilst Mars is at its closest to Earth and should be visible next to the Moon.

    This Moon will be full at 4 degrees of Aquarius and will, therefore, have its greatest effect on the early degrees of the fixed signs – Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio.

    The Sun in its own sign of Leo is desperate to shine, to receive praise and admiration. But the Moon is eclipsed, and the Moon is the Sun’s audience. So, this Sun has to learn to let go of the needs of his ego. He has to learn to trust that his own abilities within him are strong enough. That means he has to look inside himself and find his own sense of self-worth. He has to give himself up to the numinous and work without his efforts being recognised. The Sun is strong – he is in his own sign and, although he can’t see it, his capabilities are strong too. Basically, he has to learn to find strength from within rather than from without, so he can understand that he can put his past behavioural patterns behind him and continue on his own path, true to the one that he is meant to tread which will fulfil his soul’s purpose.

    At this eclipse five planets are retrograde – Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. When planets are retrograde their energy is slowed but on the positive side it gives an opportunity to re-assess, re-view, re-work. Mars retrograde and eclipsed may be a tad more problematic, particularly as the eclipse makes a difficult aspect to Uranus, which gives the energy a more rebellious, more revolutionary feel. Radical changes may hit out of the blue as the masculine and the old ways are eclipsed. We may see a release of repressed angry feelings but let them out and recognise them for what they are. They are of no use to you and they hold you back. It may seem hard at first to deal with, but the ultimate ideal is that recognising them for what they are and letting go of these past patterns will ultimately liberate you from the restrictions of the old ways that no longer serve any purpose whatsoever. Saturn is strong in his own sign and he makes a positive angle to Uranus so if you can do this you will find support. You may have to dig deep to find your courage, but you can really make the energy of this eclipse count in a positive fashion if your mind can view it from a different angle.

    Take care folks during the crazy energy of eclipse season – there’s another one following in August, this time a solar eclipse.