• The Moon will be new in London at 3.48 a.m. on July 13th, 2018.   This is not just a New Moon though, it is also a partial solar eclipse, the first of three eclipses.   One thing you can be certain of in eclipse season is that you can’t really be certain of anything.   Remember also that the eclipse energy is manifesting both before and after the eclipse – it is not just a one-day energy.

    Falling in the sign of Cancer it speaks of highlighting issues around nurturing ourselves – our bodies, our homes, our families.   This is a powerful New Moon with the Sun and Moon opposing Pluto, God of the Underworld, symbolising the need for transformation and regeneration from deep within.   So the question is, what is it within you that needs to undergo a radical transformation?   What behaviour patterns need to be replaced by thoughts and actions which could serve you in a much better fashion than currently?   Now you may not be able to put this into action just yet, but this is very much about taking the opportunity of looking within at a very deep level in terms of both inner behaviour patterns based on emotional needs as well as life direction and general vitality.  To make this happen in the most positive fashion we need to open ourselves to our highest consciousness and allow what we need to transform us to come in.   And, for this to work for our higher good, we need to allow something to die first so that we may experience a rebirth – in this way the phoenix can rise from the ashes and we can experience transformation.   So, open your hearts and allow past-learned behavioural patterns, which no longer serve, to be purged and replaced with the new.   This is not easy I know but if you resist it will be so much harder.

    On a more practical level this is also the perfect symbolism for the young boys being brought up from the depths of the underworld by some very very brave rescuers.


    In the chart we also see a really positive aspect between Uranus and Juno, Saturn and Venus with Ceres all in earth signs.   This speaks of allowing our relationships to change in order to bring more stability, longevity and a kind of liberating awakening that things can be different. There is also a second positive aspect in this chart – this time in the water signs.   The Sun and Moon are making a nice aspect to Jupiter and Neptune, which suggests that we need to allow the highest potentials of our being permission to come in to our consciousness.


    So ensure that you allow the time to contemplate what is required and to do this be at one with nature and allow your emotions to be free of restrictions so that true transformation can be achieved.


    In the UK chart this eclipse falls in the tenth house which represents the government, the monarchy and the public status of the UK itself.   It also hits the UK moon – the populace. This suggests that something occurs which may affect the populace.   Now at the moment we have all the Brexit shenanigans, which are truly affecting our position and status within the world.   We have the visit of President Trump – we may not like him but should we not at least give him a dignified welcome to our country as befits his position as President of America?   And we should remember that the trapped Thai boys have been brought to safety by a team of British cave divers who hold a well-deserved reputation as the best in the world. So, we should really be singing about what makes Britain good.