• New Moon March 6 2019 – Dreams, Precognition and Mental Time Travel

    On March 6th, at 4.04p.m, in London, the Moon will be New in the sign of Pisces. The Sun, Moon and Neptune will be sitting hand in hand, whilst Mercury also in Pisces, is stationing before moving into his retrograde period. That’s a whole lot of Pisces energy. Plus we have Uranus at zero degrees of Taurus – now fully in Taurus for the next six years or so.

    Mercury stops at the final point of Pisces, teetering on the brink but not ready to dip his toe into Aries energy just yet. He will be retrograde until March 29th – low and behold Brexit day!!! He goes right back to where this New Moon falls before turning direct. And for us Brits I think Mercury retrograde will be opportune. Mercury will be re-considering, re-working, re-assessing and perhaps re-visiting all the confusion and deceptions surrounding recent actions. A retrograde period is very much an opportunity for all the re’s. And this, as I write, seems to be the case right now with regard to Brexit.

    So what does Pisces teach us? It is the last sign of the Zodiac wheel before we start the astrological new year in Aries. It is symbolised by two fish connected by a cord, but swimming in opposite directions. Traditionally ruled by expansive Jupiter, there is the sense of being all-seeing and all-knowing because we can see in every direction. But the very act of swimming in opposite directions also suggests that this sense of ‘knowingness’ can be confused, illusive, deceptive. The modern ruler Neptune, the King of the Oceans, links to the realm of water and the emotional realm of the unconscious. Think of a meandering river that likes to be hugged by an earth that contains it, but also allows it to overspill if it is overwhelmed by the sensitivities and the pains of the world. The Piscean bliss is a world without boundaries, where the spiritual mysteries are as accessible as the emotional depths of the unconscious mind as well as the highest state of consciousness. But Pisces lack of strong direction, or rather its journey in opposite directions, can lead to a confused message.

    Pisceans idealise the notion of love, so no wonder the planet Venus, goddess of love and beauty, is exalted in Pisces. Venus loves, but Neptune will sacrifice himself for love. In Greek myth Venus was Aphrodite, born from the foam produced by the genitals of Uranus which were severed by his son Cronus (Saturn) and thrown into the sea. (Not a very charming thought!!!) Aphrodite was never far from her son Eros, God of lust and sexual desire, and in one myth they are both turned into two fishes tied together by cords in order to escape the monster Typhon, echoing the Pisces symbolism

    In each Great Year of 26,000 years, there are considered to be 12 ages each of about 2,160 years. The dawn of the Piscean age is said to have been symbolized by Jesus and Christianity – Jesus invited his disciples to be ‘fishers of men’ and used the sign of the fish as well as that of the cross. There is debate as to whether this Piscean age has ended and we are already in the age of Aquarius, or whether we are still in the last part of the Piscean age. Judging from our fractured world and the new cycles ahead of us, I think we have not quite entered the Aquarian age just yet. We are still in the world of warring over differing ideologies, whether they be religious fundamentalism or political dogma, where the good of the people seems to be forgotten in favour of personal beliefs or ideologies and individual greed. As we enter the age of Aquarius then perhaps we have greater potential for the liberation of consciousness and true idealism that will actually benefit humanity rather than just the elitist few.

    With the Sun and Moon at this New Moon sitting with Neptune everything is going to be felt ultra-sensitively. Beliefs may be idealized and become ideologies for good or for ill. Pisces is where we can find our bliss, where we meditate and where heightened intuition brings inspiration. Pisces is also very much about fantasy and dreams. But in the Piscean world where there are no boundaries and nothing is contained, it is important to keep one foot on the ground so that our dreams can be achievable in reality and that we don’t live in just an illusory world of fantasy.

    This is absolutely reflected as potentially possible in the chart of this New Moon, where we have a harmonious aspect between the Sun, Moon and Neptune in Pisces at one point of a triangle, Mars in Taurus at another and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn at the third angle of the triangle. The New Moon is comfortable with the energy of two earth signs giving her security to be a meandering river – to just flow and be.

    Taurus is grounding and slowing Mars’ fighting energy. Mars is with the fixed star Menkar who is open to the human collective unconscious and facilitates the unconscious becoming conscious.

    The Sun and Moon have the star Acheran as their companion, which tends to suggest how we can respond best to a crisis and sweep away old issues. And there are certainly plenty of crises and issues around us right now!

    And finally Saturn and Pluto, who are on their way to conjoining exactly at the end of this year, represent the breaking down of an old order ready for the new.

    Completing the Pisces line-up is Mercury, as I said right at the end of the sign. He is with his pal Sheat who suggests great mental creativity and independent thinking, although out of step with convention. Just to illustrate this, two people who clearly enjoyed these attributes and who had Sheat prominent in their charts, are Einstein and Newton. Mercury is not really all that comfortable in Pisces. He much prefers to work mentally with logic and facts. In Pisces he has to go with the flow and work with touchy feely emotions. He also has to work with Pisces two rulers – Jupiter who wants to exaggerate and blow things out of proportion and Neptune who can cloud, deceive and distort the truth.

    So, as Mercury at this New Moon accesses the realms of dreams and fantasies, we should perhaps remember that the science and technology of today were actually yesterday’s fantasies. If we hadn’t had visionary scientists such as Einstein and his theory of relativity, and the like of Max Planck and his quantum theory, we would not be living in the type of technological world we have today, which has now transformed every area of our lives. If you asked yesterday’s man if today’s communication methods could be possible or if we would be able to ask Alexa what the weather is going to do, he would for sure have laughed at you. With Uranus – symbolizing technology and inventions – now having fully entered Taurus we might expect some lightbulb moments and explosive new inventiveness. I don’t anticipate Uranus pass through Taurus to be easy to be honest. Uranus is about disruption and revolutionizing and Taurus represents our Earth, money, banking and our security. The last time we saw Uranus in Taurus was in the late 1930’s – a time of great insecurity and huge financial difficulties in the aftermath of World War 2. So I think we can expect issues with our Earth, particularly as the upcoming Saturn Pluto conjunction reveals many problems that have perhaps been covered up. I expect to see extremes of weather and climate as we enter a period of very low sunspot activity and I expect changes within our banking system. Maybe a bank will collapse, but I certainly expect to see a rise in cryptocurrency use and online banking rather than a trip to the High Street.

    I’m currently reading a thought provoking book right now called ‘The Premonition Code’, which questions the idea of precognition of events through accessing of dreams and just ‘knowing’ the future. The absolute epitomy of Pisces energy.

    This book speaks of the difference between precognition and intuition and how it is important to keep real, whilst understanding what your dreams might be telling you. My kind of dreaming! It also talks about time and what time really is. Is time arbitrary? Does time in the past help us to inform the time in the future and conversely does the upcoming future time also inform our present in some way? Do we in some way respond to things that we ‘know’ are coming up in the future, which in turn influences our behavior in the present? In most physics equations time can go forward and backward. Cause goes before effect – or does it? Some experts state that if causality exists, then future events can cause things in the past. This brings me very neatly into the workings of the universe and astrology. Astrology recognizes cycles, and the planetary dance of the slower moving planets tends to be reflected in world events and historical cycles. As certain planetary alignments occur, there is a corresponding archetypal reaction in both human consciousness and collective behavior – bringing a world zeitgeist, or spirit of the age, that builds on previous cycles of history. But does a behavior now reflect information from these future cycles? Is the future we are heading towards actually informing our ‘now’?

    We always say that history tends to repeat itself – which it does – but it does this always in a slightly different way because the cultural backdrop has changed. Astrologically we can look back in history and look at the events of a time. We can see the type of energy present then and we can make an educated guess at the type of events which are likely to occur with the next similar cycle. As I have discussed in past lunar phase articles, we have a new Saturn/Pluto cycle and a new Jupiter/Saturn great cycle shortly upon us. Our current fracturing and breaking down is preparing us for a new zeitgeist. The Jupiter/Saturn cycle itself heralds a new socio-economic age. In the same way that the last new cycle gave us mass production and the capitalism of the Industrial Revolution, this one will be more mind based with technology, Artificial Intelligence and all things ‘space’ related as its engine driver.

    I think we can all see and feel how things are fracturing and breaking down in a way that makes them absolutely ripe for some kind of new dawn. But, the practical reality is how do we prepare ourselves for these changing times? Pisces can live in fantasy, in dreams, but if we also bring in conscious awareness and realism can we make it possible for our dreams to tap into our future and for the future to inform our present?

    More fundamentally is the universe conscious and is this the invisible power that we tap into in our dream or meditative state? If astrology truly works – and it does as far as my work has shown me – then the Universe has to be conscious in some way. I think perhaps we can tap into this by entering a spiritual dimension – particularly that of the type that a meditative state allows us to access. Perhaps when we enter this state we do actually achieve some kind of mental time travel.

    So how do we make this New Moon work for us?
    How can we separate dreams that are pure fantasy from dreams that are actually pulling us towards our future? How might our dreams inform our sub conscious mind? How can we be sure that our anxieties aren’t the main power directing our actions? Are there many alternative futures?

    Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, makes a dynamic conflict aspect to Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, and the Sun and Moon. That is certainly telling us that we need to be listening to some kind of new order or be open to new beliefs. If we consciously use this energy we could put our ability to access the spiritual dimension, our dreams and mental time travel as though we are on steroids. But really listen to them whilst keeping it real. What are they telling you? If the future does inform the past and time can go forwards and backwards, and if Jupiter is our higher mind, then with a dynamic aspect to this New Moon we can use this very powerful energy to access real magic. My view is that over the next few years we will need as much magic and wisdom as we can lay our hands on as we head towards the new zeitgeist.

    If you are not already a meditator, then become one. Just 20 minutes a day will for sure help. In the past, when religion was a greater part of everyday life, we did at least still our minds and bodies for a time as we worshipped. Now, so many just seem to exist on a never stopping hamster wheel where the action of being seen to be busy is perceived to convey an air of being productive. But it’s not. If we just took 20 minutes to find our place of calm and peace, studies have shown that our bodies calm, anxieties lessen and we can actually see better how to direct our energies and become more productive in all ways.

    As we cross the boundaries of the conscious and the unconscious it is important to also keep our feet on the ground in line with our conscious awareness and the realities of our time. Ensure that the boundaries between ourselves and others are strong; that we know not to overstep them ourselves and that we recognize what is unacceptable behavior on the part of others. (Those of you who subscribe to the personalized lunar phase programme have had my article on this subject.)

    Our conscious self has a higher mind that is super wise and super knowing (Jupiter/Neptune) – we just need to try and access it so that we are pulled towards our futures. With meditation our everyday ‘lower’ mind is able to connect to our ‘higher’ mind.
    Keep a dream diary – always a good idea to write things down because it makes things much more real. If you think you don’t dream, you do but you just forget as you wake up, so another reason for consciously deciding you will remember your drams so that you can write them down. Be open minded so that your beliefs can change. Distinguish between anxieties and dreams and wishful thinking. And with all this in mind
    use multiple sources to plan your life – not just dreams. The ability to truly rely on dreams needs to be developed alongside getting wise advice, talking things over, meditation.

    The energy held within this New Moon is helping us with tools to expand our abilities and to allow us to keep grounded as we do this. It can help us to tap into the seed of the new dawn ahead and what it might herald.

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