• When we are born we are ensouled and given the Spirit of Life. Astrologically we can look to the Moon as our Soul – our inner emotional and behavioural patterns – that which is not tangible or seen. The Sun can be seen as our spirit – our visible walk through life and the vitality of our bodies. But, if we are to reach the fullest potential of our walk, then we must self-actualize, grow, evolve and transform through our lives. That part of the journey is not for everyone, however, because that takes hard work and effort as well as a certain amount of pain.

    Holistically we speak of mind, body, spirit – I would prefer to think in terms of mind, spirit and soul – because all three of these need to be in harmony for our growth and self-actualization. Mercury astrologically represents the mind, how we think and how we communicate.

    So, we have:
    The Moon – our emotional needs and behavior patterns – the Soul.
    The Sun – the vitality of our physical body and the path we walk in this life – the Spirit.
    Mercury – the Mind, thinking and communication.
    Additionally, we have the Ascendant (rising point) through which we unconsciously approach life and view the world we live in.

    At the Full Moon we can release – the Sun and the Moon are opposite and can see each other, warts and all, and, therefore, all that no longer serves us can be released from the shadows.

    At the New Moon the Sun and Moon are sitting together in perfect harmony, wearing the same clothes of the sign they are in; a perfect time for soul and spirit to set their intentions and sew new seeds.

    In your own birthcharts the Sun and Moon may indeed be working in harmony, but sometimes they are not; this makes the journey of realizing potentials more challenging.

    So, the New Moon of November 7th is wearing Scorpio clothes – or possibly I should say Scorpio battle armour, because Scorpio is such an intense, deep, probing, private and secretive sign. But if Scorpio can find its passion then it will truly have the potential to achieve mastery. This New Moon continues the Scorpio theme of the October 24th Full Moon, when we had the Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio. It’s a time of endings and beginnings.

    The theme for this New Moon is still about relationship and self worth– the wounds, the pains and how they affect our relationships with others. Venus is still retrograde, but has now moved out of Scorpio and back into Libra, Venus is strong in her own sign of Libra, allowing us to continue our exploration and review of relationship and self-worth issues, but with a stronger sense of being able to see changes that need to be made together with the corresponding actions that need to be taken.

    New Moons are a time of a new seed and a new beginning – even if this is only in the form of an intention rather than a physical action. There is hardly any light at the New Moon, particularly just before its actual newness – a time we call ‘the dark of the Moon’, and the ideal time to plant a new seedling. A New Moon in Scorpio suggests secrets may come to the surface, as will long-held obsessions. Whereas the Full Moon in Taurus highlighted the need to identify what we possess and own – or what we would like to possess and have been hanging on to for grim death – the coming Scorpio energy is much more likely to purge and to reveal, to dig beneath the surface for what is hidden. So, at the New Moon, all these issues may come to the fore in order to be dealt with in the form of a new seed, a new intention.

    At this New Moon we are helped by the ability to tap into the knowledge of the collective – the wisdom of the ancients that we kind of know but don’t always acknowledge that we do know. This collective knowledge is part of the long held wisdom of society as a whole, but it also contains the knowledge of the universe that we unknowingly and unconsciously tap into.

    There is a ‘behind the scenes’ influence from the planet Saturn to this New Moon which suggests the need to put effort and work into any changes or new intentions that you wish to make and to truly accept responsibility for your own life direction and for ongoing issues – it always takes two to tango!; and above all the need to adopt a healthy dose of realism. Power struggles may rise to the surface but there is also opportunity here – an opportunity to acknowledge them and deal with them, even if we don’t really want to.

    Jupiter is sitting right at the end of Scorpio, teetering on the point of moving into his own sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is a bit weak in Scorpio but that will change very soon and for those with planets in the signs of Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo, this may be an opportunity for a change of luck or an opportunity waiting to be grabbed.

    So, as we arrive at the dark of the new Moon, consider what your intentions are going to be so that, as the Moon becomes new, you can make ready your crystals, your visions or whatever other manifestation method you choose to employ and meditate on the new seeds of change.