• Press the Reset Button



    The New Moon on July 2ndwill encompass a total solar eclipse visible across South America and the Pacific Ocean.  Think of an eclipse as a New Moon on steroids, so if it is hitting planets in your chart then expect powerful and transformative outcomes.   And, even if it is not directly hitting planets, harness its powerful energy.  New Moons are about new intentions and new ways of thinking to replace the old ways which you perhaps began to realize at the Full Moon of June 17thare not going to be sustainable.


    Now don’t worry if you miss the actual New Moon when the energy is on full throttle, because in actual fact it is often better to wait until the energy is a bit less ‘full on’, but still powerful enough for you to be able to take advantage of the opportunities it holds.   These dates would be 6thJuly and 11thJuly – you could always carry out whatever rituals you do at a New Moon on all three dates if you so wish and ensure that you are taking advantage of the power.


    I should also mention that events triggered around eclipse times are apparent before the actual eclipse date and often for some months afterwards – so not just on the day.


    This eclipse falls in the sign of Cancer and Cancer speaks of our inner needs, what we need to nurture and be nurtured, our homes, our families.   Cancerian energy is also very much about defence and self-protection – so how will yu ensure you future proof yourself?


    This New Moon eclipse energy stands opposite the Saturn/South Node/Pluto combination – it is staring it in the face thinking how can I protect myself – and the Cancerian instinct is to scuttle inside a shell, just as the crab, symbol of Cancer, would do.   And just as the crab spends much of its time in the waters, it also likes the security of the land and the earth.   Similarly, Cancer wants to explore emotionally but also seeks security and protection which Earth energy provides.


    The New Moon also squares Chiron, the wounded healer, so all our wounds  (past and present) are being churned up within our own personal hardwired thinking/feeling loops; we need to face these realistically.   ‘ Letting go of emotional hurts and wounds allows the soul to face the possibility of being open again to further emotional experience, without the barriers of protection around the heart chakra.  The soul realizes there is nothing wrong in being emotionally wounded – it is a valuable learning tool.’[1]


    So this New Moon is like being drawn into a duel – the challenge of the glove has been thrown down.  We have to ruthlessly protect ourselves in the knowledge that really we can only hope to influence change within our own microcosmic worlds – i.e. within our own lives, our spheres of influence – in order to withstand and protect ourselves from the issues of the macrocosm.


    And it’s all about our lives, our livelihoods, our relationships and how these can withstand tests and obstacles.    And from my standpoint a lot of people are having to withstand extreme difficulties and obstacles right now.  So I say think realistically, restructure if you need to radically, and consider what you need to do to move forward and keep your goals on track. And, just because of the emotional energy involved with this eclipse, I would suggest taking time over intentions made at eclipse time, so don’t be afraid to wait until the two alternative dates I provided earlier.   Eclipse energy can be somewhat unstable so giving yourself time to think and breathe at this time can be useful, particularly when we are dealing with Cancerian emotional and reactive impulses.


    Countries also have charts as well and this eclipse lights up both the UK’s Sun (the leader/Prime Minister of the nation) as well as the UK Moon (the people and the mood of the nation).   And we can already see the turmoil within the Tory Party, with a date of July 22ndbefore we actually know who will become our next Prime Minister and what actually they will lead us into.


    This Tory vote is both crucial for the future of UK politics as well as for the future well being of the people and their lives and livelihoods. The stakes have perhaps not been higher for many many years.   But, of course, as I have just said Cancerian energy is very much about self-protection and self-preservation.   I feel that this Saturn/South Node/Pluto combination also indicates a loss of trust in the institutions we have long entrusted our safety and security.   And this New Moon in Cancer is feeling decidedly unsafe – her security is feeling very threatened because those very institutions, including our Government and our politicians, that we have trusted to keep us feeling safe and secure have shown us that they are made up of individuals who will risk our trust and our safety merely because they are preserving themselves.   Now this has probably always been the case – if in doubt generally follow the money is always a good rule – but we now cannot ignore it.   And this means we have to take our own responsibility for getting all our own ducks in a row!


    The Moon’s nodal axis (karma, destiny and potential) of the eclipse chart, and specifically the North Node (the potential we are making for) sits with the UK Moon, so there is also a fated quality to the energy of this eclipse in terms of the future of the people of the UK.   And with the Saturn/Pluto/South Node combination in the sky that I have spoken about so much over the last months, anything that is broken or not built on solid foundations is likely to crumble and collapse at this point.  Indeed, the traditional UK political system has been blown out of the water, with non traditional parties gaining ground, and gaining that ground rapidly.   And with regard to the Tory leadership contest we have a very traditional type of personality (some would say Theresa May in trousers) up against a very non-traditional more Trump-like character.  Because the old traditions are crumbling and breaking my money would be on the non-traditional – our very own Trumplet!!!


    The astrological line up – and in particular the Saturn/South Node/Pluto conjuncton, along with a new 250 year Jupiter/Saturn cycle coming next year – speaks to me of a new paradigm, a new era ahead for us all; Pluto in particular indicates endings.  I don’t know if this will be precipitated by some kind of black swan event that we have not seen coming – for sure Saturn Pluto south Node speaks of the breakdown of corporates, banks, traditional institutions that are no longer relevant or that are broken – but maybe we will just slide into a new way of being.  And it may be that this eclipse month will give us some indication.


    Our financial systems are propped up on a foundation of smoke and mirrors – there is still an illusion of being in the ‘good times’. but if you actually look around at ordinary lives I’m not quite so sure that this is the case; so will there be some kind of banking collapse along the lines of Lehman in 2008?


    We are already seeing issues of survival and endings within the retail sector – where will this go next?   But in the same way that the last new great Jupiter/Saturn cycle of the mid 1800’s changed the socio economic patterns of ordinary people, as capitalism, mass production and the moving around for jobs burst on to the stage, so will this new cycle, coupled with a Saturn/Pluto fated energy, herald a new paradigm I believe.


    Now this is notgoing to be like a visit from the dream team – I feel we will be facing some tough times and I think we can already feel and see this.  The energy is very much about traditions and symbols of the past undergoing major transformation.   Who would have thought that companies such as Arcadia and House of Fraser – part of our High Streets for such a long time – would be facing the Grim Reaper?


    We all tend to think of transformation as being a great thing – which it is – but when it visits your own front door it doesn’t actually feel so great.   And Saturn, South Node and Pluto is not like your best friend popping round with a surprise afternoon tea.  In fact, it generally feels very painful, which is why we tend to choose not to transform until our backs are against the wall and/or we have no choice because the pain of being stuck becomes greater than the pain of moving in a different direction. Given the choice we much prefer our own personal comfort zones.


    So the energy of this New Moon is ‘Press the Reset Button’.   What do I mean by that?  It means that we must take a good hard look at our lives/work/relationships and really question what is really working well and sustainably.


    If there are areas that are problematic, zone in realistically. And listen to your gut feelings, because generally your body knows.  It’s just that we may decide to tune out of our intuitions when they are not in line with the hardwired beliefs/thinking/feeling loop we have set ourselves up for.  If we listen to our gut we might have to change and then that’s like getting on the end of the see saw with spikes on the seat that I have mentioned before.


    Dr. Joe Dispenza, in his book ‘You Are the Placebo’, discusses how your thoughts, emotions and beliefs contribute to the generation of physiological events in our body and that, by being determined to change your own internal state, you can effect an epigenetic change within yourself.[2]


    Dispenza also discusses the quantum mind and the quantum universe.   Scientists have apparently noticed that when they observed particles of subatomic matter they could affect or change their behavior, but in order to do so they actually had to focus their attention on any one location or any one electron.  If they looked away, the subatomic matter disappeared back into energy.   With this principle in mind, if you can imagine a particular future event that you want to experience in your life, that reality already exists as a possibility within the quantum field beyond this space and time, waiting for you to observe it.  Whilst the physical universe appears to be made up of only material matter, in fact all particles are connected in an immaterial invisible field of information beyond space and time.   Furthermore atoms radiate their own unique combined energy patterns, which means that you and I also radiate our own unique energy signature.   Here we go back to the uniqueness of our fingerprints and our own personal unique purpose in life.  Dispenza goes on further to say that if we embrace a heightened, emotional creative state like empowerment, gratitude, invincibility, we broadcast out a stronger energy field around us – matter is thereby lifted to a new frequency and our bodies respond to a new mind.[3]


    So we are being asked to let go of something in order to bring in the new, but Cancer finds it hard to let go.   Like the crab it clings on, it goes into its shell for protection but doing this won’t solve the problem.   It merely puts it off for a bit.   Now the crab tends to get to where its going in a very sideways manner, so don’t worry if it feels like you go two steps forward and one step back.


    What matters now is realism alongside dreams, effort in terms of re-structuring how we go about our goals and bringing into consciousness your gut feelings and intuitions so you can make them real and valid.   And, as you bring your gut feelings into consciousness, any changes you need to make may require a sense of ruthless removal of methods/structures as you future proof your survival.


    But press that reset button yourself, so that you are the conductor of your life and not a passive bystander who merely reacts to circumstances.


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