The Full Moon of 21.1 is the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 and will be visible from the Americas. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon; as a shadow is cast the Moon turns a dark red colour. This Full Moon is also a Super Blood Wolf Moon – a Super Moon because it is at the point of its orbit where it is closest to Earth making it appear extremely large, and a Full Wolf Moon, a Native American name, because of the howling of hungry wolves during January.

    At the Full Moon we always have the Sun and Moon in opposing signs – so at this one we have the Moon in proud and regal Leo and the Sun in Aquarius. Furthermore, the Moon will be sitting alongside the karmic destiny point of the North Node (although out of sign in Cancer), whilst the other planets all sit in the other half of the chart to the Moon. In this way the Moon almost acts like a handle or the key to the whole essence of the energy pattern.

    So let’s unpack the meaning of this a bit more. Firstly, I should note that we have four planets strong in their own signs – Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. What this means is that these planets are functioning with strength and without their particular energy being diluted with the flavour of another sign, i.e. Mars in Aries is forward thrusting, direct, and will have a tendency to elbow anyone else out of the way to get to where he wants; Jupiter in Sagittarius has great strategic vision but can be led to over extend; Saturn in Capricorn will follow the rules of order and tradition but will also break apart what is not perceived as fit for purpose; Neptune in Pisces can give great compassion, dreams and empathy, works without boundaries, but also gives increased potential for confusion and deception.

    Additionally, the four planets in their own signs can be broken down further into two pairs working together. Jupiter and Neptune are exactly dynamically aspecting each other, as are Mars and Saturn. We have choices and this is where we have to ensure we are self aware – Mars and Saturn together are like the ‘heavy’ mob and can give us the aggression and the feel of the swashbuckling grim reaper in the vein of Donald Trump, or more positively they can give us the ability to persevere and put in sustained hard effort. Jupiter and Neptune together can allow us to dream big and give great compassion and empathy or, if we don’t bring in a dollop of Saturn realism – think of Saturn as the speed bumps in the road testing us and slowing us down – our dreams can become so unrealistic they can result in huge self-deception and scandals. As I said, we have choices.

    I have spoken a lot about the global turmoil, rebellion and social unrest reflected in the seven Pluto Uranus conflicting aspects which we have experienced since 2008. This aspect is still in play, but we are also about to embark on two big new cycles which are happening on its coat tails and within the context it has left behind. I don’t want to distract too much about this in this Full Moon article because I will be making it the subject of an upcoming report. But I cannot not mention it today, because the energy is so crucial – the chart of the Full Moon really reflects the backdrop of the life we are in.

    So one of the new cycles, exact in 2020 but already active, is Saturn sitting next to Pluto in Capricorn heralding a new 33 year cycle. But this cycle is actually much bigger than the 33 years we see on the surface, the energy of Saturn and Pluto together is particularly potent, having a particular effect on worn out economic and belief systems, social distress, the collapse of institutions and the exposure of cover ups. Just to quickly illustrate the importance of this cycle though a few facts:
    • Saturn and Pluto last conjoined in Capricorn between 1517 and 1520.
    • This was the point that Martin Luther published his 95 theses which challenged the status quo and spearheaded the Reformation.
    • At this time there was also a leap in European colonisation and conquest
    • And there was a backlash against the establishment
    • The Saturn Pluto cycle which began in 1914 with the First World War finished with the end of World War Two
    • The next Saturn Pluto cycle saw the Cold War, Extra-Terrestrial reports, the breaking apart of India, the first building blocks of the EU, Vietnam War
    Now during 2020 Jupiter also joins the line up with Saturn and Pluto expanding the energy to an even greater extent. Uranus by then will have moved back into Taurus fully and the last time we saw this line up in Capricorn alongside Uranus in Taurus was 3838 BCE. I am just demonstrating here the uniqueness of our time but, of course, we live in a different world with a different cultural backdrop to then. So, whilst the actual events may differ, the energy will be similar and the important thing is that we find our coping and survival strategies for what I believe are going to be some difficult short-term times.

    So, how do we use the energy of this lunar phase to steer us in the right direction and to stand us in good stead? Firstly, how can we negotiate the difficult Saturn Pluto energy. In short – be accountable and realistic, be proactive rather than reactive, have the tenacity and the perseverance to hold the line, always question what you are told and see the realities behind events so that you follow your authentic path. Honour your dreams (Neptune in Pisces) but be realistic and pro active about how you are going to achieve them (Saturn in Capricorn), be thrusting and go for your goals (Mars in Aries), but with empathy and compassion and kindness to others (Neptune in Pisces). Be realistic about your abilities – do you need more skills and help? If so go learn them, read, ask other people (Saturn in Capricorn). Be self-aware, raise your consciousness and thereby raise your game (Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius).

    This Full Moon wants to stand out from the crowd, to be honoured and to work in a compassionate way towards her karmic destiny. She is fiercely loyal, warm hearted and proud, but there is a fear of not standing out – if she does stand out, she becomes instantly vulnerable. So raise your game and your consciousness, so that you are both pro-active and fully equipped. As I said earlier, the energy of this Moon in Leo is the key that unlocks everything else.

    The Sun sits in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarians are innovative, original, humanitarian and walk to a different drumbeat. And this Full Moon is at zero degrees. So whilst a Full Moon tends to be the end of a cycle, harvest time, a time to reap what you have sewn, this one is also a beginning. Endings and Beginnings. And the Sun, sitting closely with the South Node in Capricorn and part of the heavy Capricorn line up, needs to let go of something; something that has been long-held, but by the same token is perhaps outworn and no longer self-serving. But often we find it hard to let go, even though deep down we know we must, of the familiar and the comforting, even if it no longer serves us. But the energy of this Moon is that we must look for new ways if we are to achieve our potential. If we are going to stand out and shine we must do this in order to be part of the new cycles and the new order that is coming.

    I feel that we can all see that something is ‘off’ in our developed Western world, something is broken and needs to be fixed. As the energy of the seven Pluto/Uranus squares came into play around 2007 we got the first IPhone and Facebook – yes, it really is that recent. That has brought with it more than we can ever could have imagined at the time, and I’m thinking social media here. We have kids going into secondary education stressed, anxious and self-harming. We need to be really realistic and far better equipped to move forward into the next new cycles which are likely to take us forward technologically at an even greater stratospheric pace. When things feel ‘broken’ we must heed the call, because it is a sign that they must transform and be reborn and re-worked in a different way.

    So how can we harness the positive sides of the planetary energies. We are being shown the skills – Mars in Aries is the soldier tactician, Jupiter in Sagittarius is the strategic planner, Neptune in Pisces allows us to move without boundaries hemming us in and to tap into our unconscious where we hold the answers; whilst Saturn in Capricorn allows us to establish the new realities, structures and foundations required to replace those which will be taken down. And, if what you try doesn’t totally work as you had hoped, re-work it, try something else – no-one will judge you or think badly of you. And at the end of the day it is the only way that you will know – they say that the best entrepreneurs are those that have failed and got back up again to try again.

    What is ‘off’ or broken in your own life? What do you need to let go of so that there can be a transformation, a rebirth and a new dawn – Endings and Beginnings – so that you can truly stand in your own light and shine?
    If this article was a recipe in a cookbook you will need the courage of the lion (Moon in Leo), perseverance (Saturn in Capricorn), compassion and the ability to seek beyond (Neptune in Pisces) and take an overview of where you are on the path to the next destination (Jupiter in Sagittarius). Jupiter and Neptune together can afford the ability to tap into the intuitive, the psychic, the mystic, the grand dreams – so that you can find that tiny spark which will allow you to the create the new reality out of the fantasy that can be seen on the horizon. This aspect is also about a spiritual type of religion. And in the past many more people would have attended the ritual of prayer in Church and allowed their mind to be still and silent and soak up that ritualistic energy. I believe that this is lacking and it is noticeable in the upsurge of mental health issues. One strategy to address this would be to incorporate meditation as a daily ritual within your everyday life.

    The Moon in Leo requires us to step up and be the hero; to stand in the light with courage, pride and magnanimity; and if necessary to play out the role even if you bricking it!! The Sun in Aquarius is asking for the innovative and the way that is different from the old to prepare for the next new cycles – so if you don’t already perhaps consider incorporating into your routine a daily meditation ritual practice. And finally, but perhaps most importantly, add in a hefty dollop of intuitive magic.