• UK Election Fiasco

  • So Theresa May had a working majority in government and had three years left to serve. But she wanted more ….. and so we end up now with a hung parliament, the laughing stock of Europe and no strength to influence anything, and disastrous concerns economically as a loss of confidence of brand UK hits. Its rare that I get angry over politics but this shambles has me spitting blood to be honest. How can she have been so arrogant as to make such decisions as calling an election in the first place and then drawing up a manifesto, which was destined to alienate so many parts of society as a whole? How could she do something which now threatens to send the UK into a situation where it becomes an economic basket case? She has singlehandedly destroyed us.

    This whole fiasco has totally changed my opinion of Theresa May. She has been my local Member of Parliament for 20 years. She presented my son with his leaving prize back in 2002 and is well regarded locally as a hard working and effective MP. And much as I liked her very much I now see that this does not necessarily translate into being an effective Prime Minister.

    So who is this vicar’s daughter who seems to have found her way to the top who when asked about the naughtiest thing she has done in her life could only admit to running through a wheat field as a child? (Well that’s not going to win her any votes now is it – please pass the sick bowl!)

    We don’t have a time of birth for her but she is a Libran Sun and Moon either in Leo or Virgo. Difficult also to know which because she already has planets in both signs. Recent events would suggest that she is not a decisive Libran in the vein of Maggie Thatcher. She seems to have leaned far too heavily on the advice of her two unpopular henchmen who have since fallen on their swords. The fact that she was so out of touch that she took their advice on putting into the election manifesto such unpopular things as taking away some school lunches, bringing back fox hunting, cutting the triple lock on the old age pension and the so called ‘dementia tax’ became very worrying to say the least. Once she realized she had made a wrong call on the most unpopular part of her manifesto – the dementia tax – she did a swift u-turn which also did nothing to enhance her popularity. Even calling a snap election beggars belief – the public had no stomach for more elections. They were already confused about Brexit and quite frankly got sick to death of her keep trawling out her ‘I’m strong and stable” slogan. Clearly there were no astrologers in her ranks because with transiting Neptune on her already weak Mars in her natal chart at the time of calling the election, strong and stable she certainly isn’t. In fact Mars in her chart was even more challenged when the election was called with transiting chiron conjunct her progressed Mars and transiting Saturn squaring it.

    Just like Hilary Clinton she has no-one to blame but herself for needlessly calling an election in the first place and then subsequently shooting herself in the foot with such a disastrous manifesto. If I were cynical I would suggest that it was all done on purpose so there was no option but to implement a soft Brexit. But what will happen is that we will be half in and half out, all the same costs as before but paying just the same but with no EU grants coming our way at all.

    Even on election day I was shocked to see her wearing a red suit. For goodness sake, Labour’s colour is red and Tory is blue – why would you honestly go and vote wearing your opponent’s uniform colour??? It was over before it had begun.

    Despite suffering a relentless and similar type of humiliating publicity as Trump has had, Jeremy Corbyn soldiered on with a seemingly pretty hopeless campaign, as May was said to be so far out of the starting block he had no chance of catching up. But Corbyn, with his stellium in Gemini, managed to appeal to the young who feel they have been stitched up by Brexit, by the cost of housing and by student loans. Once he had ditched his hapless once upon a time shagging partner, Dianne Abbott, the young turned out in unprecedented droves to vote for him and his policies. A staggering 72% of under 25’s turned out to vote.

    Maybe Corbyn won’t be able to deliver on his policies but at least he showed he was thinking about them! Had the Scottish public not turned against Nicola Sturgeon’s unpopular policy for a further referendum on Scottish independence, allowing Ruth Davidson to claim some seats back for the Tories, Corbyn may even have made it to the top job. His transits at the time of calling the election were much better than hers – transiting Uranus conjunct his north node and transiting Jupiter sextile his natal Pluto.

    Theresa May’s Sun sits on the UK 1801 chart ascendant, just inside its first house, whilst her Venus in Leo is close to the UK Saturn. Us Brits quite like to see this conservative person’s taste in leopard print shoes and big necklaces. But her Sun and her Mars are the weakest planets in her chart – she is too cautious, too indecisive and lacking in courage perhaps to see the harder punching stuff through. The terrorist attacks in the UK in the run up to the election probably sealed her fate – how could she talk tough when she had been Home Secretary for so long and with all that has happened on her watch?

    We also have no time of birth for Corbyn. His Moon in Taurus could perhaps plug into the UK Mars if he were born early in the day and his Neptune sits on the UK south node in the first house. I think he is thought of as a bit of an enigma to be honest – we don’t really feel we know him. Even his own party tried to boot him out, but in true Taurean style he stubbornly clung on and he has managed to make huge gains for Labour against all the odds.

    However, this whole result is just so bad for the UK as a whole. Now that Macron has succeeded in France at the expense of Le Pen, the whole Brexit thing for us can only be a bad deal. For May to succeed with this hung parliament she needs the support of the DUP. But this is fraught with difficulty because there is supposed to be neutrality with Northern Ireland so if there is a feeling of favouritism this will revive bad feeling with Sinn Fein etc. The young may have no real concept of the IRA but us older ones grew up with the terrorism they inflicted – however, unlike IS they had a conscience, there were always be a warning before a bomb exploded so sometimes loss of life was minimized.

    And, of course, support will come with a price. If there are softeners for the Irish then the Welsh will want some of that too. And so will the Scottish, particularly as it was their votes which kept the beleaguered Theresa in some kind of power. So who will be the biggest loser then? Good old England of course as usual.

    So will there be a challenge to the May leadership? A few months is a long time in politics and now Gove is back in the fold maybe he and Boris will hold hands again. Never say never, but honestly what Tory in their right mind would really want such a poisoned chalice. Theresa May’s Pluto will be hit by the August eclipse – and perhaps more importantly possibly her Moon if she were born mid morning. Corbyn is also hit as his natal Saturn sits at 29 Leo 51.

    The UK is currently in a Scorpio L1/L2 period and in 2018 we will see a Sagittarius L2 sub period. Of the last 8 recessions, 6 have been characterized by being L2 Sagittarius periods – Sagittarius is 10th house from fortune. Sagittarius periods are preceded by a Scorpio period which seems to have been characterized by some kind of unrest/attacks. Scorpio rules the second house of the UK chart – the nation’s assets/money. The UK does not have a major LB period until 2060, with the last ones being in 1958 and 1984. 1957 had been an L2 Sag sub period. There was a recession and the mood was ready to be lifted in 1958. The first trendy shop opened in London’s Carnaby Street paving the way for the explosion that was the 60’s. The L1/L2 LB period of 1958 was in Cancer and would last till 1967. The UK has a Cancer MC and a Cancer Moon in the 10th house, so the UK and London were firmly at the heart of the explosion in both music and fashion. We led the way.

    1981 – L2 Sag period saw a recession and was preceded by the Iranian Embassy siege in London (Scorpio L2) in 1980. The Leo L1/L2 LB period of 1984 was heralded by the Brighton Hotel bombing by the IRA targeting the top echelons of UK government and narrowly missing killing the Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher. It also saw the death of PC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Embassy.

    The 1989 recession (L2 Sag) was preceded by an L2 Scorpio period which saw the first internet worm virus, and the bombing of the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie in Scotland.

    The 2008 recession (L2 Sag) was preceded in 2007 by an L2 Scorpio period which saw two foiled bomb attacks in London, one outside the Tiger Tiger Club in London and a car with a suspected bomb driven into the glass doors of the terminal building at Glasgow Airport.

    An L1/L2 period in Scorpio began in 2016 and will be followed by an L2 sub period in Sag in 2018. So far we have seen the murder of the MP Jo Cox, two terrorist attacks in London and one at the Manchester Arena.

    It would seem to me that we are on schedule for some kind of recessionary period next year. With the UK government now having gone into a shambolic meltdown how could we have anything less happening next year – if not sooner. And what better time to bring us down on to our knees? And in 2018 transiting Pluto in the 4th house of the UK chart will oppose the Moon – the people – in the 10th house. Best we get our ducks in a row then.