• The physical body holds its own unique DNA. Taking this further I believe that the soul also has its own personal DNA and it is this that is reflected within the birth chart.  Therefore, an astrological consultation can help an individual to achieve personal growth in ways that no other therapeutic method can: 

    Natal chart reading can reveal:

    • Awareness of your inner self
    • Motivation and goals
    • Talents and how to maximize them both in business and in everyday life
    • Career direction
    • Blocks and fears


    Future directions:

    Whilst not necessarily predictive as such, studying the unfolding cycles can help to give guidance and direction and assist to work with the cycles rather than against them. This enables the individual to play an active role within his/her life as opposed to being a passive receptor of energies and events.


    Relationship issues:  

    Interpretation of the birthchart reveals how the individual relates to others.   However, studying the synastry of the individual’s relationship with a significant other gives information on the dynamics of that relationship , how it works as a whole, where difficulties may arise and the glue that binds together.


    Horary astrology:

    Horary takes astrology back to its more traditional roots - to a time when people may not have known their day of birth let alone the time. It can be used to predict or to investigate the past. Of crucial importance, however, is that the question is rooted in reality and is honourable. 

    The client puts the question to the astrologer and a chart is cast for the moment that the astrologer understands the question.

    Examples of questions might include:  

    • Does he love me?
    • Will he marry me?
    • Where is my lost ring? Was it stolen?
    • Where is the dog?
    • Should I invest in X business?

    It must be noted that sometimes the chart will not always provide an answer. Sometimes it shows that it is too early to ask the question because more information is required or it is too late and the course is set and it cannot be changed. 


    Electional astrology:

     Allows the choosing of an optimal date for an event

    • starting a business
    • launching a book
    • choosing a wedding day



    Within this technique the birth chart is applied to a map of the world, allowing the exploration of the aspects of life highlighted by changing one’s location.

    • Where would I be most likely to achieve professional success?
    •  I am going to X on holiday – will I feel at home there?