• You are the solution to the problem

    New Moon 6th January, 2019

    At 1.28 a.m. on January 6th, 2019 we have the first New Moon of the year – and its our first solar eclipse of the year too. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between Earth and Sun and in ancient times eclipses were regarded as ominous for those who found themselves in its shadow, as the Sun was rendered invisible. So think of it as a most super of New Moons – a New Moon on steroids!

    Now this is a New Moon that is set for some serious business because not only do we have Sun and Moon in solid, no-nonsense Capricorn, we have three more planets and the South Node in the line up as well. The message is clear – we’ve had the fun and festivities but now it’s about getting down to realities.

    The Moon hates wearing Capricorn clothes. She is happy in floaty and dreamy pastel coloured dresses, but in Capricorn she is forced to don a sober black business suit. She’s out of her comfort zone. But sometimes that’s just where we need to be so that we change our attitudes and we think a bit differently.

    Saturn is the Lord here and the rest of the planets are his honoured guests – and what a line up of guests he has – Mercury, Moon, Sun, Pluto, the South Node. The energy is about perseverance, structure, realism, following the rules, keeping boundaries, laying down laws – and above all that we must accept responsibility and accountability for our actions. And we should get used to this type of energy because it will be a dominating force for some time to come. Under its influence truths will be revealed but we will also find that we have our own solutions within us.

    The energy of this New Moon is Cardinal Earth – Cardinal is about initiating, doing, starting something anew, whilst Earth speaks about tangible results and what is real. We have three planets strong in the signs that they rule. Mars and Saturn, respectively in Aries and Capricorn, provide the potential for grit and hard sustained effort, together with the drive and energy to power forward; whilst Neptune in his home sign of Pisces brings in the creativity, the spiritual awareness and the ability to be intuitive and to go beyond to where the Magic lies.

    Now, the Sun and Moon at the time of this New Moon sit with the Fixed Star Vega, echoing the Neptune energy of looking for Magic. Vega is linked to Orpheus and the harp or lyre – the message hidden here is where can you find your own sense of magical enchantment that such an instrument uniquely brings? Look within at the artistic, the spiritual and the magical. The sheer amount of Capricorn energy at this Full Moon encourages us to keep our feet on the ground, but it is the search for the Magical, which is the release point towards where the opportunities lie. The opportunity for the tangible often comes from getting in touch with the intangible – the magic.

    Uranus has stationed now ready to move forward and return to Taurus, so where are you being prompted to think outside the box, to walk against the way of the rest of the pack? To consider this it is vital to reflect on what really floats your boat – what would make you leap out of bed in the morning. Because, if you find your passion, then your whole attitude will change. Even if it is not possible for your passion to be your career, it can still be part of your life in some way.

    The New Moon is always a new seed and this one, as an eclipse, more than others. So persevere even if you doubt your abilities, dig deep and sew the seeds that you really want to reap. Organise, plan, make lists. Above all take the time to get in touch with your more intuitive side by reflection and meditation. Results don’t necessarily come from rushing around trying to do as many things as possible in a day; they are much more likely to arise as you still your mind and allow it to be calm. This New Moon is about paring back and decluttering. That’s when the magic comes in and then you can know that you really are the solution to your problems.

    Yes we must acknowledge the pain and the wounds we carry with us but know that within these lay our greatest abilities, our skills and our talents that we can bring to the table; so at this New Moon acknowledge how your wounds have shaped you rather than defined you.

    So where can you find your sense of magic and enchantment? Where is your passion? At first you may need to completely pare back – like peeling the layers from the onion. Consider each layer – do you need it? Do you want it in your life? You will know when you find the enchantment and if it’s worth striving for you will follow its energy and you will persevere, you will lay down the necessary foundations and structure and you will be accountable – you will be the solution.