• Your date, time and place of birth are needed in the first instance so that I can draw up an accurate horoscope. This is required in advance because I need to spend time studying the horoscope. If you only have a rough time of birth I may be able to work on that basis on an effective level and with some further information I might be able to fairly quickly work out a more accurate time. With no time of birth it is much more difficult to get an accurate reading although some information is possible. 

    Consultations may be in person or via Skype.   Horary questions may be e mailed together with some background information on the issue.   Please note that I may need to contact you before the chart is cast if further information is required.


    Will the consultation tell me what to do? 

    An astrological consultation is not intended to be fatalistic or deterministic.  We will discuss your birth chart and we will also discuss the energies that will surround you over the next year or so.  However, I prefer to work at soul level and engage with you in a dynamic dialogue.  In this way you can gain insight and understanding of issues and explore from an astrological perspective the best way forward.  Specific prediction of events is generally not given and the consultation is designed more to enable you to play an active role in your future, rather than being the passive receptor of events.


    What types of consultation might I have 

    Natal reading - including a one year look at future directions.  (As an indication the cost for this would generally be £125.00).

    Working with the Lunar Phases - Survive and Thrive - A powerful way of working with the cosmos rather than fighting against it.  Receive a report on the New and the Full Moon each month with a personalised report on where it falls within your chart and what is activated for you.  With this you can totally focus and target your meditations and intentions to fully see difficult situations - see everything in the full light at the Full Moon in order to shed behaviour patterns that no longer serve and confidently set new intentions at the New Moon.

    Level one - reports and targeted information on the Full and New Moon for you each month £30   Level Two the same but with a 30 minute meeting via Zoom £40.   This service is available to those who have already had a natal reading.

    Horary - where the client asks the chart a question.   (As an indicator prices for this start at £60 but may be more for a more complicated question)

    Vocational - By identifying talents and passions your chart can be explored to identify what drives you and what blocks you.   This can help you attain the goal of spending your work time in an enjoyable and fulfilling environment. 

    Astrocartography - to identify types of experiences which might be drawn by being in a different place.  This may be in terms of a permanent environment or just a holiday. 

    Relationships - love relationships, parent and child and business partnerships for instance.  How two people react together can be looked at. 

    One year future direction- For existing clients who have already had a chart interpretation and wish to explore the next year's trends. As an indicator the cost for this is generally £75

    Electional - this is where a favourable date and time is chosen for an event such as a wedding, ship opening or book launch for instance.

    Fertility - this consultation will look at blocks and issues to do with fertility and also provides you with the most opportune dates for pregnancy to occur.   For the best results the charts of both partners will be taken into consideration.    This is a complex analysis using both modern and traditional techniques - cost £175