• Horary

  • Horary astrology:

    Horary takes astrology back to its more traditional roots - to a time when people may not have known their day of birth let alone the time. It can be used to predict or to investigate the past. Of crucial importance, however, is that the question is rooted in reality and is honourable. 

    The client puts the question to the astrologer and a chart is cast for the moment that the astrologer understands the question.

    Examples of questions might include:  

    • Does he love me?
    • Will he marry me?
    • Where is my lost ring? Was it stolen?
    • Where is the dog?
    • Should I invest in X business?

    It must be noted that sometimes the chart will not always provide an answer.

    Sometimes it shows that it is too early to ask the question because more information is required or it is too late and the course is set and it cannot be changed.