• How Astrology Works – An Explanation

  • It is not hard to understand how ancient man living in a world without any light pollution would be moved by the changing sky.   It allowed him to mark the passage of time as day became night, and the phases of the moon allowed the first monthly calendar to evolve.   As time went by and cultures became highly numerate, the astronomers/astrologers were able to draw up horoscopes for specific times and places marked with the positions of the planets at that given time. 

    Since time immemorial the planets were regarded as ‘omens’ or indicators of events and contained personalities or archetypal images of Gods and Goddesses who had ‘natures’ and who required pleasing. If we look at universal myths we can see the same themes in every culture.  These archetypal images were not only handed down through time, at first by word of mouth, they exist within us and formed part of  a teaching as to how people should live their lives. 

    These archetypal images, reflected within planetary images, follow the theory that the universe is essentially a living being.   The cosmic code, or laws of nature, contains patterns in the form of numerical relationships and this provides an essence of predisposition at our birth for synchronicity to exist between the planets in our birth charts and the life of the individual.  In this way the archetypal images  manifest according to our experiences and to the configuration of our personal birthchart. 

    Dr. Percy Seymour, former principal lecturer in astronomy and astrophysics at Plymouth University, and an expert in cosmic magnetism, gave a very good explanation of how astrology can work in his book Title*,  when he said “… the whole solar system is playing a symphony on the Earth’s magnetic field.  We are all genetically tuned to receive a different set of melodies from this symphony”. 

    The Earth’s magnetic field is the magnetic field that extends from the Earth’s interior to where it meets the solar wind, a stream of charged particles emanating from the Sun. This magnetic field preserves the ozone layer, which protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation.  Furthermore, the North and South magnetic poles enable humans, animals and birds to navigate.   Planetary motion orchestrates both solar activity and geo magnetism and, in Dr Seymour’s opinion, the magnetic field carries information about planetary positions which in turn affects genetic characteristics, our biological clocks and our time of birth. 



    *The Scientific Proof of Astrology: Tune into the Music of the Planets, Dr. Percy Seymour, published by Quantum Books